Alrighty everybody, I have the site in good working order and we’re ready to make the move. Our new home is Game by Night. It’s a blog similar to this one but more open in format and, if I can say so myself, much nicer looking. If you enjoy reading this site, please visit us there. We offer an RSS feed as well as email updates, so be sure to update your information.

Fellow bloggers, I’m not asking anyone to, but I’d sure appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word and updating your link here on the side bar. Also, if you’ve been kind enough to link to me on your blogroll and I haven’t returned the favor, please let me know since I’d certainly like to.

Thank you all for your readership here. I’ve had a lot of fun. We’re just beginning over there, in the darkness, with a little introduction to a game I never expected to see. Come visit, won’t you? See you on the other side!