Hi Everyone,

The time has come! Tomorrow is my wedding day and for some strange reason my fiance still sees fit to take the big walk with me. The chain is being attached to her ball come the morn (yes, I’m the ball) and we’ll be whisked away to Disney World for the week after.

As much as I hate to be away and hold onto my Aion, Vanguard, and DDO comments for so long, Mickey’s calling and I can’t ignore the ring.

I’ve been pumped full of adrenaline since this morning. The funny thing is, I’m not nervous about marrying her or having cold feet. For some reason, after the rehearsal I haven’t been able to shake this tickly feeling in my stomach. I’m scared and excited and can’t wait to be someone’s husband.

One funny thing happened this morning during our baptism (neither of us had it done before but each had always wanted to, so this made the perfect opportunity). Here’s how it goes. You’re in a pool in the front of the hall. The pastor puts his hand in front of your face and another behind your back. When he says the word, you bend your knees and lean back into the water.

Yeah, except I guess I suck at leaning because I went back too far and almost pulled the poor guy over. I got myself up, thankfully but not without a little embarrassment. Yeah. I suck at leaning.

Anyways, I’m off to the jewelry shop to pick up Mrs. Raegn’s ring and then off to spend the evening with my dad. Wish me luck on getting to sleep!