A brief post today, apologies for that. I’m reactivating my WAR subscription for the free 10 days to see if things have changed at all. As I recall, my main issue was with activity and not being able to find any oRvR during off peak hours. I’m not really expecting that to be much different but I figured “why not.”

I’ve been playing LotRO mostly but, to be honest, I think I’m feeling a little burnt out on MMOs in general. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with LotRO. I find enough to do and it offers a lot of great stuff. I’m just not feeling a great urge to log in and quest. When I’ve considered going back to WoW, I can’t bring myself to log in because I know that it’s just the same old thing as always now that I’m at the level cap. I suppose I can go to Icecrown and finish that zone out but, in the end, I know that the result will be the same. On top of that, LotRO offers more of the new and shiny.

So, tonight I’m trying WAR out again. I’m not incredibly hopeful but I had a lot of fun in the game last time, so maybe I can rekindle some of that. Wish me luck!