Ahhhh, it’s good to be back from vacation. I have to tell you something though (don’t be mad), I fibbed a little bit. I wound up gaming. I know, I’m horrible person. Woe is me and a pox on my cattle!

I logged onto LotRO this weekend to try to finish up the Lone Lands with my Guardian. I did fairly well, I think, and had quite a bit of fun.

One thing that really bothered me, and always has really, about playing my class is that I always look like I’m wearing darnable pajamas. I’m not kidding. My dwarf looked like a fat kid in a chainlink sweatshirt. And a brown one at that.

I went into LotRO with the WoW mindset on armor. I thought “Hey! Heavy armor! Awesome! It’ll be like plate, solid hunks of metal, maybe even a few spikes thrown in for ‘flair’! Where do I sign up?” The reality into the early 20s is far different however.

For the longest time, I dealt with it, even after I had the ability to use the outfit system. I guess I was naïve because I always thought that you had to have your “outfit” items in your inventory to have the display on your character. So I stayed away from it. Lo’ and behold, I find out that all you have to do is have the item in your inventory at one time. And you can display it forever, if you want.

Yes! That little change right there opened up a lot of doors for me. I started looking at quest rewards in a new way. No longer would I choose things for what I thought would vendor for the most. No, now I was out for style.

These days, you can find me rolling around in a full steel set. Somehow, it still looks like I’m wearing pajamas but at least I’m no longer brown. I look like I’m wearing metal. Cold, hard, belly-hugging, muffin-top making, steel. I don’t know why the early metal armors of insist upon being so drear but I’m glad I’m out of that particular forest.