Blood Elf: I'm better! Draeni: No, I'M better! ... noobcake! Blood Elf: Oh no you di'nt! Mooooooooom! Teddy called me dumb!!!Draeni: *melancholy* My name's not Teddy.

I was reading WoW Insider today and came across an article talking about faction pride. Do WoW players have faction pride? On PvP servers, maybe, but I doubt that most players really care beyond looks. I mean, in a PvE game, what does faction even count for outside of the aesthetic?

In these times of lull for World of Warcraft, sites like that are really digging. Re-hashing age old arguments, making points already made, starting argument-like “discussions.” I don’t blame them per se but honestly, I don’t see why that question is even being posed. The author states,

“What interests me more is how rarely we see this question come up nowadays”

Why should it? What does faction count for on a “normal” realm (which presumably most people play on – non-pvp at least) other than giving players a new story. You see a lot of “For the Horde”’ing going on but I always took that as more of a nod to the common closing statement of many quest givers.

The only time faction “pride” comes into play is for PvP and the occasional competition. Apart from that, what is there to be proud of, everyone completing the same quests? Seriously pwn’ing Hogger?  I’m sure some people get it—but for me, if there’s no competition, there’s nothing to be proud of.