Now HEREs a guy whos achieved something

Now HERE's a guy who's achieved something

I have to tell you something that may come as a surprise given my enthusiasm about Warhammer Online’s Tome. I don’t like achievements. I have no enthusiasm for them, on any game or platform, and I grew tired of even WAR’s pretty darn quick. Oh, the secrets we keep.

It’s been on my mind lately as I listen to my usual round up of podcasts. Achievements this and achievements that and OMFG I want the violet proto-drake. I don’t get it.

In my minds eye, I see achievements as something to be rewarded when you truly do something noteworthy. It should be something that makes you stand out and that make other people take notice.

In this regard, WAR was on the right track. Mythic gave you a wide array of achievements to work towards and gave you a good selection of rewards along the way. Anything from little lore blurb, to a title, to a trophy you can display on your armor. Things that were nice to get but weren’t so flush-worthy that people got up in arms freaking out about them. Still, they let you brag if you wanted to, using a handy panel right in your character window.

On other games though, they border on pointless. I’m going to pick on WoW because it’s the big kid on the playground. Why would I want to spend countless hours scouring the world to get some “achievement” 3 million people have already gotten before me? How much of an achievement is that really? Look at how many achievements you get without even trying. WAR is guilty of that too but in their scheme of things you’re also being rewarded with content, backstory, and context. WoW? They give you some arbitrary point value you can’t use for anything.

I know I’ll hear it if I don’t bring it up. You can get nifty things like titles from doing some of WoW’s achievements. And I give it to them for ramping these kinds of rewards up for some of their more recent holiday celebrations. The fact of the matter though is that achievement rewards are few and far between. There’s no incentive. Oh wait, that proto-drake. Let me tell you why I don’t like him, you’re literally chasing the freaking dragon. The irony there kills me. And do you know why he’s pink? It’s old blood from all of the players he’s chewed up while trying to get him. Those poor fools that thought they could miss one achievement. Hah, they thought they were hardcore. Go play Darkfall, noobs.

Are we really at the point where completionism equals fun? Where we’re driven by pixels so much that we strive for a 10 second placard and no real gain? I know that I’m not but the amount of excitement surrounding this stuff leaves me in wonder. Some achievements may be a ball to go after and if you have fun with it, more power to you. You get more out your $15 a month than me. When there’s a reason to achievement hunt, maybe I’ll go for it. Until then, I’ll gape with failed understanding of these hunters. Just because something works on the XBOX doesn’t mean that it’ll work in WoW.

Unless you’re talking about the next expansion, Halo meets Azeroth: Death to Night Elves. Then, it’s full of win. I gotcha back, Syp. Down with those spikey eared she-devils and their colorful dance parties.