Like…. car speak. Not a keystroke. Dear god, don’t hit that keystroke whatever you do. Unless you like male porn. Damn you tricky indy game developers!

It’s been a while since my last update and I’m pleased to report that, contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead. I won’t bore you with more bland yet dubiously wordy descriptions  of “QQ IRL sux”.

So what have I been up to this nearly two weeks since our last visit? Well, the big thing is that I’ve stepped back from Darkfall a bit. Much like with WAR, this isn’t because I’m not satisfied with the game. It has more to do with the amount of time I have to play it. In truth, I had a regular ball playing when I was able. The forced grouping gave me better experiences in an MMO than I’ve had since I first started.

The problem is that, due to the forced grouping, other people come to depend on you more than in most games. In a lot of cases, it’s hard to step away because, if you do, you’re letting your team down very likely leading to their deaths. Now, this wasn’t all the time but it happened just enough to become an issue.

Really honey, just 5 more minutes! *whip* *whip*

No, realistically, it’s not all that bad but right now it’s more difficult for me to play the game and progress that way I’d like. I’m still keeping my subscription because I love Haven and the crew I run with. I just won’t be around as much.

I’ve turned back to PvE games more of late. They allow you to step away and come back, which is something I’ve realized that I require. I’m the forced casual folks. Ain’t that a bitch.

So, I’ve stepped back to WoW a bit, yet I’m finding the taste more stale than I recall it being. I’ve had bursts of fun trying to earn enough money for an epic flyer but I know that when I get it I’ll be left wondering “what now?” WoW is really just “something to do” which, in my opinion, isn’t a great reason to play a game. Still, it’s what’s there.

The Argent Tournament is okay. I’m not as riveted as some people are with it. It follows the usual WoW formula of daily, daily, daily, rinse, repeat x amount of times, loot. When WotLK first came out, I found myself wondering (initially based on the amount of available dungeons, then based on raid difficulty) whether or not it would last long enough to keep people satisfied. Now, months after release, I firmly believe it won’t. Unless Blizzard surprises people by releasing the next expansion much quicker than this last, people will be looking for reasons to quit.

Here’s your announcement, WoW has peaked. Their new design philosophy is good for the very casual but it’s deviated too far from what kept the game interesting to so many. There’s no longer anything elusive. It’s all there for you – except there’s no longer any intrigue.

LotRO is another one I’ve come back to in true minimalist form. This is about how it happened, I log in, kill a mob, and level four times. Schweet! Except I don’t know where to go, so I think I’m just going to follow the book quests and see where they lead me. Here lies the bandwagon and here I am hopping on.

I’ve been gaming a bit more and enjoying it. Maybe I’ll use the last of my WoW mana and conjure up some energy to write more often. Remember, add FoW to your RSS reader 🙂

Anywizzle, that’s my update. If you’re interested in catching me in-game, I play Malgos on the Earthen Ring (Alliance) server on WoW and Ralorn on the Landroval server on LotRO. And Cryptic Shadow on Darkfall.