I’ve never been a fan of the Good Squad. I’ve only played one game with them (World of Warcraft) but it was there that I decided that they were “outside of the box” in a bad way. Don’t get me wrong, some of their stunts were entertaining, but their “pay to join, pay more for benefits” policy left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, here you have a group that’s globally known for being a bunch of asshats. To me, their subscription model is no different than paying the class bully to be your friend. And it’s not too far off from RMT either.

But that’s WoW, they’re griefing was limited by design. In Darkfall, they’ve taken things to a new level under the clan name “Awful Company”. The funny thing is, it’s not that that bothers me. It’s their propaganda. They’re leader, the oh so humbly named Lord Gluttony, has single handedly created the worst possible image a clan could hope to have. Check it out. They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, and have no qualms about making fun of the Jewish people tortured during the holocaust. Nice guys, AC.

But they love it. Their aim in every game is to be the most hated and reviled on whatever server the make their home on. Their passion and appeal is in being the “evil ones” that hold no bars and take no prisoners. And that’s fine for them.

The propaganda BS is their only a mask though; it is the veil that hides a truth they’ll never admit. They want you to hate them but can only do that by representing themselves as the scum of the Earth on a website. They want you to get angry because they call you a “fag” but, for all their doctored videos, they take more pain than they dish out. It’s like the guy who criticizes “fags” all day and hopes no one spots him at the local gay bar that night.

But for all the word vomit that’s spilled from Gluttony’s mouth, it’s pretty effective in one regard. They’re building an “Evil Empire” that anyone with a fleck of decency would like to see fall. They have a big alliance on the server, mostly made up of those who have bowed to them out of fear, power, or in a mad grab for power that they’ll never see. So they oppose the “good guys” (if there are any in Darkfall), AKA Hyperion, AKA the winning team. Honor is a great price to pay for an agreement like that but that’s just my opinion.

In a small way, I like that there’s such a group in the game. There’s a little twinge of guilt with that though. You know the feeling, it’s like when you’re suckered into watching Grey’s Anatomy with the wife (or a car show with the husband, ladies) and feel just a little bit wrong when you realize that you’ve become interested. In this case, it’s an interest born in a hope for their fall.

So, for all the disgusting things Awful Company’s Lord Gluttony has said, he has given a face to our enemy… and painted a great big target on his back. I imagine a clash of epic proportions, a battle of good vs. evil, that defines what open-pvp is about. War, as true as it could be in an MMO. And it’s not just a pipedream. In Darkfall, it’s a real possibility and would make a prime example of players crafting their own history.

In a larger way though, outside of any game context, the messages he sends disgust me. People like Gluttony should have their mouths stapled shut until they learn what it means to be human. I’m sure that it’s all an act, probably to create exactly what’s happening (hear that Awful Company, your clan leader is an RPer! OMGWTF!) but how long can it go on before it starts to bleed into him as a person? How many times can you breathe deep the airs of hatred before the smell gets stuck in your nose? And to me, that’s just sad. Playing the bad guy is well and good until the “act” starts to eat into who you are.

Racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of hate are burning forces. Decent people feel the heat sooner rather than later, act or not.

I have to wonder how Aventurine feels about this kind of thing being tied to them? Any tension this kind of behavior adds to the game isn’t worth the cost. Darkfall, a game of anti-Semites and cross burners? Any Jewish person who sees Awful Company’s website would probably say yes.