I crossed a boundary last night. I never thought I’d go there, not in any other game anyways. Then again, Darkfall has a way of bringing out the worst in people.


My dwarf (you know, the one with the Santa Claus beard) made his way out of Ringfain, ready to deliver presents to all the nice kobold kiddies. On his way though, a dark skinned Mirdain decided he wanted coal in his stocking and killed him. Brutally.


Well, things went a little awry in the mind of my Dwarf at that point. He hit the bank and wandered back to the area totally naked, wanting to fool potential enemies. Not that there was much to fool, since he only had a weapon, staff, and a couple pieces of cloth armor. Even still, he wandered until he heard the sounds of battle coming from a cave.


Inside, skeletons in ancient plate armor went to war with stocky, patch eyed dwarves (honestly, I was the only one of five of us without a patch). My Dwarf did his time in battle, tearing his shabby armor, until he noticed a comrade, at medium health in full chain, struggling against a mob. Being a helpful fellow, he went to his aid and together they killed the monster.


Now’s when the evil crept up in the back of his mind. The armor of this person he’d just saved glinted in the cave, making his own cloth garments look shabby. The guy was at 30% health and standing still looting the corpse of the skeleton. Did he receive a thank you for his help? No. A /wave? Not a thing, just an unbridled show of greed without gratitude for his life. My dwarf tossed him an invite into the party.


The chain-wearer accepted and my dwarf promptly went to hacking away at him with his polearm. His target turned idly, not understanding what was happening. Then he ran, and my evil Santa gave chase. He gained distanced, too much to be caught, but out of nowhere slowed and turned. My dwarf readied a mana missle, knocking his target bleeding to the ground.


Without remose, he was killed, looted, and removed from the party.


Was it underhanded? Yes. Sneaky? Oh yeah. Worth it? Without a doubt. I never thought I’d stoop to that level but, the thing is, I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. Darkfall is a game where you have to be wary of everyone because even the people you think are your friends may have ulterior motives. I love that about the game.


So, if you’re adventuring, be careful who you group with. The funny thing is, as the person grouped with my target, I didn’t get the alignment hit. When everyone else saw me attacking the guy, they jumped on him like a pack of ravenous dogs.  And you thought WoW’s PvP servers were “dog eat dog”.