I’ve been playing Darkfall more than anything lately. When I can get past the queue-monster anyways, but that’s a story they say is coming to a close. You see, when an MMO piques my interest, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. I like to wander around and gaze with glassy eyes at all of the goodies lining the walls. And that kind of thing takes time. But, in Darkfall, it takes a lot more time.

In my last post, I mentioned that I had re-rolled a Dwarf. I have a dirty little secret though… and one that kind of bit me in the ass. I re-rolled in part because I didn’t want to run from the humans lands to the dwarves.

I know. I gave up a new character to save myself a run. Lame, right? Well, you have to understand that Agon is huge. Literally, to make the run from the South tip to the North is substantially over an hour run with a mount, which I don’t have yet. Usually, that’s going to be about half or more of my playtime per session. I resolved that the next day, I’d reroll a dwarf and join my clanmates.

So, the moon rose and fell, I laid and awoke, and queued up for the server. An hour later I had my connection and hit the delete button. Bam! Right back to the end of the queue. I hadn’t expected that because on other games once you have your connection you can reroll without losing it. I guess I forgot how hardcore Darkfall actually is; rerolling carries its own 2+ hour waiting penalty.

Take that, carebears. 😉

After three hours of queuing, I rerolled and saved myself that hour+ walk. Not one of my best decisions, I’ll admit. Yet, I’m a little happier now because my human kind of looked like an emo kid. No, really, this guy hopped to boat to Agon right after a Taking Back Sunday/Dashboard Confessional show. A couple pieces of armor later, he looked more awkward than ever, playing with his lip ring by the town bank and contemplating the bleak abyss that was his life. Why don’t those goblins understand him? He just had a quest after all. I did the right thing when I off’d him – he’s in a better place now. Aventurine limbo.

It retrospect, I should have made the run but I’m not totally full of regret. Not only do I like the look of my character more but he also has a better name (Cryptic Shadow – core’s don’t get much harder than that, amirite?). The best part though has really got to be the new environment.

The dwarf lands really are something to see. There’s far more color and character than you find in Sandbrook. The whole area has a stony, woody, vibe to it with a very “dwarf” city nearby. Not to mention that the mob camps are far less camped. I’ve just about finished up the starting quests and am ready to move out. I’ve done almost no exploring, so I’m really looking forward to it. That hour run I skipped may have afforded me a lot of fun, so my first journey will be in honor of my lost fanboi. May much blood be shed.

If you happen to see me around 7PM Eastern, toss me a /wave and a /mock and let’s kill each other. Maybe I can see my first decapitation. Mine, or yours, it doesn’t matter.

On that note, if you’ve recently joined up and are looking for a good clan, Keen’s (from Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog) guild Haven is currently recruiting. They have a lot of active members at all hours of the day and are always up for some fun.

Edit: For those that are wondering, I do not support any form of instant travel in the current version of the game. Ever.