I just tried to look up the site and found that it been taken down. It’s a shame and I wanted to give them a proper send off. For those that were unfamiliar with it, HoW aspired to be the WoW Insider of the Warhammer world. Yours truly even wrote for it for a while.

While I was there, I got to interact with some great people. Several well known bloggers worked together on the Husband and Wife lead project but, due to a lot of reasons, it ran out of steam.

The last update I saw let us know that Joey, one of the heads, had recently returned from his deployment in Iraq, safe and sound. While he was gone, his wife Victoria handled the administrative end of things. They were both very kind people and wanted to help our then tiny community grow. In short, they were putting themselves out there, even financially, to spur the Warhammer community. They deserve major kudos for that.

So long Hammer of War. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the site open up again. Even if they don’t, I wish Joey and Victoria the best of luck.