Hey Everyone,

It’s been a little bit since my last update. I’m sorry for the resounding quiet. It’s almost like being in an empty auditorium, isn’t it? Hellooooooooo……!

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, maybe you’d like an update? This past couple of weeks have been rough for my gaming time. Life is kicking into high gear. But I won’t bore you there.

What have I been doing? Well, a big part of my gaming time has been devoted to trying to secure a copy of Darkfall. And, darn Keen hasn’t made the waiting any easier. Unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to squeeze through the peep hole they open to their accounts page every day.

I swear, it’s the most ridiculous setup. For the past two days, I’ve been arranging my lunch breaks to be online at the times the store opens. Each time, I’m able to get into view my billing information but no further; the page refuses to load, so I’m stuck f5ing over and over. Today, they sold copies for a grand total of 11 minutes. Yesterday, it was five minutes of up-time, 15 minutes of crashed account server, and then another 15 minutes of uptime.

Tasos posted today stating that the number of copies sold each day is in the four digit range but he can’t say how much. I call shenanigans. In 11 minutes, they could sell that many, sure, but I doubt they are. And, unfortunately, a portion of the ones being sold each day are going to people purchasing second accounts. How about this, only accept a single credit card per customer until they have a shop that will stay open? Or, hey, maybe open the shop at another time of the day? Tee hee hee, we crazy players and our crazy ideas.

I’ll keep trying as often as I’m able until I can get in. That may just be tomorrow though, so we’ll see. The game looks fun though. Hopefully it will be worth it and Aventurine can handle the actual game better than they handle the demand to purchase it. I’ll be honest though, my confidence in them has taken a massive hit. I understand wanting to make the play experiece as good as possible for the people already in, and low queue times are appreciated, but another server should definitely be opened. Some people are against this, so the first server isn’t underpopulated. I see that viewpoint but I still don’t see the current situation as a reasonable option.

Apart from that, I’ve twiddled around in LotRO a bit. Due to my reduced playtime, I’ve been leaning more towards “jump in/jump out” game this week. GTA4 has seen more activity from me in the past few days than it has since I first bought it. Left 4 Dead was the last week’s flavor.

Oh, and I started kind of a side-project to prop up the LotRO blogging community. It’s called Epic Book and is similar to this one only specific to LotRO. I’ll only be posting on it about once a week, give or take, and possibly mirroring LotRO specific articles posted here over there. We’ll see. Fires of War is my number one blogging priority though, so which ever way the river leads with it is okay.

Next week, I hope to bring you my impressions on Darkfall but that’s yet to be seen. And I still have that pesky “So your spouse hates video games…” article to write. I’m also hoping I’ll have time to try out the Slayer and Choppa classes, which look incredibly fun. Real life will officially kick off into warp speed come Monday (thankfully, only for a week), so we’ll have to see. Stick with me though, as post volume will be back to normal shortly thereafter.

Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and have a copy of Darkfall you’d like to donate, shoot me an email. I’m a charity case like that 😉