This is a rant but it has nothing to do with the game. It’s about the company and that pre-launch brain infection that’s made them a wonder to the gaming community.

What kind of game company doesn’t have copies for sale on the day of release? And, if it’s only pre-order players that are able to log in, is it really a release? That sounds more like a very short open-beta that a few thousand people get to pay for. Then again, those most of those people sat at their computers clicking refresh for hours on end. Maybe they’re more deserving.

What kind of game company doesn’t prepare to have their forums viewed by more users than normal near, at, and shortly after release?

Most visibly, what kind of game company can’t be bothered to update their front page to announce, you know, the launch of their game?

I want to like Darkfall. I don’t care about having to wait to get it. My issue is that, more and more, Aventurine just keeps giving the impression that they don’t give two hoodwinks about getting subscriptions.

I’ll tell you what I’d think if I were totally new to the game. It’d go something like this…

Me: Hm, that game sounds like it might be fun.
Me: **
Me: Beta signup? First impressions…. first wave of invites? Huh, that’s wierd. Okay, forums.
Me: *reads* Alright, lots of people in game. Problems with accounts, people can cancel pre-orders, oh. After they clean up I can buy a copy. Mmhm.

Straight from the horses mouth, right out of the gate, I learned: not to trust the main page, the release sucked and they have a lot of account issues to fix, and that people wanting to cancel their preorders are a big enough issue to put on the only forum page that will load.

And to continue my rant, all of this apologetic, “they’re an indy company” BS is just that, total crap. Come on, how hard would it have been to update a graphic on their main page to let people know there are things happening with the game? *pffft* News. That crap is so last month.

As a customer, I expect a company wanting my repeat business to offer me something that doesn’t seem like a side-project to them. I expect them to put their effort into the game and out. I expect them to get their shit in order and stop making excuses.

Things don’t happen overnight. The problems that are there may take time to fix. I get it. That doesn’t excuse them from acting like a company that wants to pull in customers. Unless, they actually don’t. In which case, keep it up. You have your core fanbase, most of which will leave once they realize that it’s not an everlasting honeymoon. From that point onward, your players will trickle, maybe upward, but probably down until you settle into a niche less than what I’d hope you wanted for your game.

I want Darkfall to do well but, indy studio or not, Aventurine threw their hats into the ring. It’s about time they acted like it.