Imagine if you will, that you’re in a world with no boundaries; no limits. A vicious wolf-like warrior just got done destroying his enemy, adding another name to his long list of bodies and mercilessly looting his corpse of every item. Everything he didn’t want or need, he destroyed. He’s powerful. Deadly. All who stand in his shadow cower and beware.

Hah! Look at that noob over there. Dying to a goblin in the starting zone of all places. He should L2P or GTFO.


That’ll show him. T-bag’s to him.

*10 minutes later*

Oooooh, bio time! I love bios.

/guild afk a min, raidz when i get bacjk.

*minutes pass*

Ahhh… all bett- WTF! Where’s my gear?!? OMFG. That nub stalked me!

/guild WTFFFF!!!!11!!1! that n00b musta been haxed!

I spent hours getting this gear! My weapon skill is highhher! I’m so pissed off, that noob is gonna pay.

/tell nub u jus made a big mistake. Im gonna get u.

Nub has ignored your attempt to communicate.

*several minutes later*

There he is! Aaaayyaaaaaaaaa!


OMFG! That’s not fair he stole my gear and I have no way to get it ba- …what the hell? He’s… T-BAGGING ME?

*punches the keyboard*

Ugh, that’s it!


And that, my friends, is one reason why masses of “hardcore” pvp’ers will flood away from Darkfall. I believe that stare of open mouthed wonder, at death, at loss, at grind, is also known as the Carebare Stare.

That being said, this isn’t a levy against the game of people that find out it is too hardcore, grindy, etc. for them. That’s kind of the idea behind Darkfall. A no-holds barred, no limits, pvp game.

I agree with Lum over at brokentoys, a lot of people are going to find out that they’re not as hardcore as they’d like to believe. Hopefully, those are the people that bring the behaviors like what I satired above.

Release day, prepare for the fallout and the true definition of the game’s community to come.