So, imagine my surprise when I get home from a long day of student teaching to find a blood splattered envelope. I can only imagine my fiance’s surprise and, probably (hopefully?), deep concern.  Did Raegn get in with those card sharks again? Quizzically, she never called to tell me of the mysterious arrival.

I was a little thrown at first. There was no “sender” information on the front of the envelope but an EA Mythic stamp on the back made it all clear. Eagerly, I opened it up to find the following (click for the full size):

And here’s the bloodied envelope:

The text on the card reads:

Roses are Red

Khaine gives me power,

I’ll hunt you down,

In the Twisting


Very cryptic, very WAR, and very cool; but, there’s more. I didn’t know what to make of the coding on the back of the card at first. Student teaching has taken so much time, I didn’t realize these cards were being sent out until just tonight. The back of the card reads 10/13  and the letter “E”. Don’t let the look of the letter fool you. At first, I thought it was an “L” but if you check out the from of the envelope, the “E” in my name is identical.

So far, we have the following letters: T, I, N, V, R, and E. The wording also seems to hint towards a Dark Elf event. Rainbow MMO’s card is more direct and tells us to be in RvR in the second week of February. So, if we take that with the “hunt you down, In the Twisting Tower” where does that bring us?

At my count, this makes two big (and hellaciously provocative) things coming our way soon. Or, perhaps we should look into that a bit too. The Greenskin’s “Predator” tip (largely assumed to be a hint towards the Choppa class) says that there’s “More to Come 1-29-09”. So, two separate dates have been thrown out. Thoughts?

These little hints really exemplify what an outstanding company Mythic is. I can say that it really enthuses me about the game and its future in their hands. This type of community is really unprecendeted in the MMO world and, if I can speak frankly, is wickedly sweet. Oh yeah, I went to high school and back in three little words.

Way to go, Mythic. If every development and community team could be as involved as yours, the gaming world would be a better place.



Update: More clues have come forth! We currently have: TNITNLVERA. Tome of Knowledge has the same letter as I do, but we’re leaning different ways on what letter it actually is (poll to be posted soon). Wizard’s and Wenches have some great ideas on what the message may be. Check it out!