Hm, so it seems Mythic has taken advertising to a new realm. Keen, from Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog, recently received a package at his home directly from the company. What should be inside other than some red hair dye and an electric trimmer! Well, that and a mysterious card indicating a January 29th announcement. We can all surmise that this is a hint at the probable Slayer class, that is, unless they’re trying to tell Keen that he needs a new doo.

You see, this is the reason I love Mythic. Not only is it a totally “outside the box” form of viral advertising, it’s also ground floor with the community. I wouldn’t expect this kind of thing from any other company. Bravo Mythic, you continue to impress me with your involvement in the community.

So,  are we looking at the Slayer class? I sure hope so. Gotrek and Felix would be honored, I’m sure.

It might even be enough to convince me to reroll. Again. 😀