Greetings folks! Despite my absence last week, I’ve been keeping an eye on the many up and coming blogs that have started recently. I have to say, I’ve been really impressed. The quality of the writing I’ve seen, not to mention how entertaining a lot of the content is, has been really awesome to see. Keep up the great work, one and all.


I found myself short on time, so I’m sure I’ll miss some blogs from the first couple of weeks. If I’ve missed you, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll spotlight you directly. Without further adieu, here’s what I’ve been reading:


Chosen Poorly: The author is an RPer on the only remaining EU RP realm. I liked his introductory post, “Me, Myself, and Burlok”. Usually, introductory posts are pretty cut and dry but I found this one interesting. He has a unique writing style, check it out.


GirlIRL: The author isn’t the average girl you’ll find in game. She’s a girl IRL too. And you know what, strange as it may seem, I know a lot of guys that like to play girls so the above fact is of note. She’s also the author of a blogging contest through Wizards and Wenches. The article linked talks about some common categories of chat in a humorous way. Definitely worth the read.


Kitchen Philosopher: If you’re a min/maxer, this is the blog for you. The main focus is WAR theorycrafting. There’s quite a bit of math but the author presents it in an easy to understand way so everyone can benefit. Check out his post, “Skill Coefficients 101”.


Shadow War: Short posts but great for quick gratification. For their length, they’re pretty entertaining.


Scarbigrot: The adventures of a leveling greenskin! The author chronicles his journey through the ranks. He’s a new blogger and off to a strong start. Keep it up greenie!


Healer at Heart: Interesting adventures of a leveling healer. He has a little bit of lore, a little bit of humor, and a lot of information to be gleaned from his stories. If you’re a healer, I’d recommend adding this blog to your RSS feeders.


Knights of the Feathered Hats: This blog is full of win on a few levels. First, the author’s name is Codpiece. Second, the blog name? Tee hee. And finally, good content. The post sure to garner the most hits is the “Top 5 Ways Mythic Can Improve Order”. His suggestions are good, check them out.  My personal favorite is on the graphics glitches in game. The screenshot included is too cool to ignore, even if it is a glitch. Mythic should learn from their mistake and make a legitimate mob with fingers like that. I find it more disturbing than anything rendered by an artist for any MMO currently out there.


Bow and Stab: Generally short and entertaining articles from a Shadow Warrior’s perspective. He was some interesting takes on oRvR and writing style I really like.


WarArt: Foreign language blog but we English-Only folks can enjoy the artwork. Since that’s the point of this very unique endeavor, I highly recommend it. There are some interesting pieces up right now for your viewing pleasure.


Nerf the Cat: Arbitrary’s (Book of Grudges) solo effort. It’s chock full of WAR goodness but also touches on other MMOs, such as LotRO. Definitely good stuff! My personal favorite is her rendition of the Lord’s Prayer. Like I told her in the comments section, that post wins the internet. We can all go home now.


Doodz Wherez My Blog?: I really like this blog. And it’s not just because he agrees with me on MMO language in his most recent post 🙂 He also has an unofficial “How to Make Money in WAR” guide in the works. Check him out and rake in that gold!


PrintscreenGG: This blog has been around for a while but is recently returning from a hiatus. Glad to have you back Printscreen!


And that’s all I had time for this week. Welcome to the community one and all! Again, if I missed you shoot me an email and I’ll take a peek at what you’re blogging about.


Until next week!