Okay, so maybe that’s a little much. But I did hit 80 yesterday and, unlike my last max level character (back in the old days where the cap was a miniscule 70) I’m still questing. I guess somewhere along the line I gained more loot ambition. And by loot ambition I mean the desire to get a fast mount so I can farm as much ore as possible. What for exactly, I haven’t figured out yet. The point is, I want it.

Now that I’ve announced just how far behind the levelling curve I’ve actually been, let’s talk about WoW-Heroes. For those unfamiliar with the site, it loads information from your armory page and assigns you a score with which it ranks you amongst your guild. It derives this score based on your gear you have equipped, buffs, enchantments, hp/mana/rage, and so on.

My question is this: how the hell did I become the highest ranked mage in a raiding guild of over 300 people? I just don’t understand that. What else is WoW-Heroes factoring in? I’m obviously not the best geared, most enchanted, or most enchanting player in the guild. So what is it?

Someone told me once that it factors in when you run instances. I don’t know how it could do that but okay. Even so, I’ve only done Heroic Nexus and about 10 level 80 dungeons. Some things are just a mystery to me. Or maybe other things are just worked out in very strange and disturbing ways.

Something happened today though. It was my first morning as a newly coined level 80 character and as I quested, the old feelings of discontent began to creep up. Questing is fun, and I have two 77-80 zones and Borean Tundra to work through still, but what I’d like to be doing is instancing. On my 70 warrior, I spent a lot of time sitting in LFM with nothing to do but dailies I’d done a hundred times before.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that eventually, there won’t be any more quests for me to do. Eventually, I think I’ll be in the same spot I was before. And at that time, other pastures will start to look that much greener. WAR, Darkfall, Vanguard, LotRO? Time will tell but how much of that will there be before I hop that MMO fence once again.

I just hop Paul Barnett doesn’t sick his dogs on me again. His doberman has one hell of a bite.