Simple question, where are they? I’ve played on three servers and searched others near and far. You see, I’ve been a daytime player for some time due to my college course schedule. On top of that, my favorite part of WoW, and MMORPGs in general, is dungeon crawling. So, it’s a natural course of action for me.


After all of this searching, you know the most promising options I’ve come up with? Australian raiding guilds that begin at about 6AM. Don’t get me wrong, if I wanted to bad enough, I’d make the concession, sacrifice sleep, and put in an application.


It just strikes me as odd though that there are so few. I mean, lots of people play during the day. Not as many as during peak hours but the servers are far from empty. How many stay at home parents, students, people with days off or able to play from work, and unemployed people are on during the day? That was a mouthful but you take my meaning.


On my server, the average raid guild begins between 8 and 9PM and ends at 12-1AM. I find it somewhat surprising that so many people with families, work, and a whole array of other morning obligations stay up late to raid. Shouldn’t there be a demand for daytime raids or does the availability of late night runs turn the would-be day-raiders into night owls? After all, people that can raid during the day may be more able to sleep late, though I don’t fall into that category.


I’m happy with my guild now because they’re good people and I finally have the opportunity to set daytimes runs up within the guild. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll be trying to arrange runs for about 4pm. I still wonder though, where are these guilds and why aren’t there more?