Hello Everyone,

It’s the start of a new year. Before us lays 365 days of new opportunity, chance, hope. What better way to start off such a year than with a joint initiative by your favorite WAR bloggers?

That’s right, today marks the start of a one month long program that encourages you to start your own WAR blog, thus making January the month where we declare WAR: The Age of Blogging. Our goal is to get as many players involved in the online community as we can. We all know how valuable having good commentary is and, at the end of the day, we should walk away with more content to occupy our non-gaming hours.

In exchange for starting a blog, we in the WAR scene will do our best to promote it, send readers your way, comment, and help you as much as we can.

There’s a couple stipulations though:

  • We ask that you have 3-5 posts prepared and posted on your site before submitting it for promotion.
  • You commit to blogging for at least two months.

If you feel you can meet, or have met, those two criteria please submit your blog to blogwarhammer.net, get to know the community, and find out what it’s like to publish your own writing.

Really, we’d love to do this without any catches at all. The bullets above are in place for good reason, however. You see, readers generally like to see established content when they visit a site. If they don’t, it can give them the wrong impression and we’d like your blog to succeed as much as it possibly can. Likewise, it can take a little bit to work out your posting schedule and what works best for you, so the two month commitment should give you enough time to decide whether you enjoy having your voice heard.

To help you get started, I’d highly recommend you take a peek at the plethora of information over at Blog Warhammer. Blog Warhammer is a resource for anyone who wants to write about WAR. Looking for advice? A topic? Collaboration? They’ve probably got the answer posted and, if not, you can ask an the community can come to your aid. For those of you interested in using WordPress but don’t quite know how, check this out:

Convenient, huh? Thanks Syp!

And, hey, what if you’re unsure about where to start? Check out WordPress of Blogger. Both sites will allow you to create a free blog with a domain name in the same format as my own (http://%5BBLOGNAME%5D.%5BBLOGHOSTNAME%5D.com). They offer some ready made templates, so you don’t have to worry about design too much but they also give you many different customization options to really make the blog your own.

Now for the big question, why? Why bother making a blog about WAR when other people are already doing it? The first and most important reason is that you enjoy it. Generally, if you’re writing a blog you enjoy writing in general. Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do, having your voice heard can make for some great inspiration to keep going. Almost every blogger I know continues to write because people out there are reading what they have to say. Being a blogger makes you a noticeable figure in the game’s community. It allows your to lead and moderate discussions. Your words may eventually evolve into weight bearing objects. It gives you the power of leading people to try the game or, perhaps, spending their time elsewhere.

Most importantly, it’s fun. You get to become part of a great community. That in itself is a perfect reason to begin blogging.

Oh yeah, and we may even have some server space available over at Blog Warhammer to host your soapbox. I’ll update you with more info. on that as it becomes available.

So join the WAR effort! Shamelessly taken from Syp’s post on the topic (because he’s in contact with more people than I am), here’s a brief list of the blogs participating in this initiative (we all plan on doing “round ups” of new blogs):

* Myself (WAAAGH!)
* The Greenskin
* Wizards & Wenches
* Werit
* Stunty Stomper
* Way of the Chosen
* RP That Way
* Doppler
* Reroller
* Tome of Knowledge
* Fires of War
* Blame The Healer

Great! You’re off recruit! Get those fingers warmed up and flashbang us some good content! Over and out.