Hi everyone! I’m back, fresh-faced and bright-eyed, after a week of much needed R&R. Over this past week, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time browsing through department stores and the local shopping mall, slowly draining my bank account to help brighten the holiday for my loved ones.


During my time not spent in the check-out line, or with family, I took a little time to game. My baby mage, now level 74 (and a half!) is now finishing out Grizzly Hills. I’ve picked up a couple of nice upgrades and finally stepped foot into Violet Hold. The first run left a lot to be desired, to be honest, but not by any fault of the game. Latency was the culprit that really made it quite unpleasant.


High ping times have actually been a big issue lately. Yours truly did some research and found some sure fire ways to drop it though. I was frustrated folks. I did everything I could to isolate the problem to hardware but got nothing. I mean, I replaced my NIC, Wireless Router (went from G to N!), and cable modem but had no improvement (the $75 router got returned). After hours of scouring the internet for tips, I was able to greatly improve my situation. Stay tuned for an article on that today. It’s a compendium of sorts and I’ll be attaching it to the sidebar somewhere. If you happen to miss it, keep an eye out.