My buddy got breathy... I got scared.

My buddy got breathy... I got scared.

So, this evening, during a game of RL pool with a friend (and guildie) I was visiting, my GL started squealing over vent about a date she just landed. It hurt my ears, but that’s not the point.

Now, let me say, first and foremost, my GL is a kind, fair, and all around pleasant lady. She runs the guild in a manner that benefits everyone as much as possible. She cares and does a great job.

Anyways, she was excited because it was her first date in a while. Her last relationship had ended because of WoW, she says, so beginning anew was exciting and understandably so. She was nervous though. Ready to back out actually. I’m in a guild with quite a few people in it and the 15 or so in the vent channel were all encouraging her to go for it. “Don’t be nervous” we told her. “You’re a beautiful girl, go for it.”

Like most people in a comfortable atmosphere, she was talking a little bit about her past relationships and as loyal guildies and, dare I say, friends, we listened and responded. She was scared and hadn’t had anything serious since her last relationship. Then she dropped the bomb. “Don’t tell anyone,” she says (who would we tell, I thought, we don’t know you RL after all). “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I’ve messed around I just haven’t had any real relationship. Last weekend I had two guys over.”

… okaaay. That was when it got a little weird. As one of two women, out of 15 total players on vent, I think she said exactly the wrong thing. I got to see exactly how odd my guild could be. Immediately, she was begged for details on her MMF encounter. When she gave them in brief, guildies wanted more.

It was kind of… how do you say… creepy? Yes. It was creepy. I’m not the kind of guy who ever got off on watching porn with his friends or talking about sexual things. I didn’t want to be around my friends when they were horned up. It was uncomfortable. On vent, I got to hear 13 people change from normal gamers into salivating horn dogs. Even though I couldn’t see their faces, it still weirded me out enough to log off.

Which makes me wonder, was it really appropriate, or anything other than harmful to the guild for our GL to share that? She’s a person and entitled to make her own decisions. Personally, I don’t care what she does in her real life but I can’t help but assume that she probably lost the respect of some of her followers. I mean, you know that kind of thing is going to circulate like wild fire.

So, how much is too much? I know that people get comfortable with their guildies. That’s great and conducive to a pleasant guild experience but where is the line for that kind of thing?

Personally, there’s no sex in WoW and I don’t want to hear about it from other guildies. I don’t know them RL and, even if I did, I don’t care what they do in bed. It’s their business and it doesn’t affect me. Plus, I’d rather not hear a bunch of guys get all breathy through my headset. Has anyone else out there been in this situation? It’s strange, right? Or am I the weird one?