Kind of sums up WAR, doesnt it?

Kind of sums up WAR, doesn't it?

Well, for the first time in many days I got into some oRvR action! I logged in at about 12AM EST after a long night of schoolwork, hoping to find an open warband to join forces with. After the not so shocking revelation that I’d been removed from my guild due to inactivity, I opened my “open groups” panel and found a 23/25 warband ready for new members.

I joined up and made my way onto the field. When I found the rest of the crew, they were just finishing up taking a battlefield objective. As, a level 20 Sorcerer, I was quickly targeted but only died once before their forces were taken out. To my surprise, no one from the group bothered staying to actually capture the objective. They simply moved on to a different one (this is T3 Avelorn, btw). I’ve never understood why people bothered killing the opposing force if they weren’t going to see the object through anyways, but I digress.

Whatever, I thought. More of them than me, so I may as well go with the flow.

We took the next objective without encountering more than two of the opposing force, which was odd because there were lots of Order players on the field. After waiting the required couple minutes, the objective turned and the WB leader announced that we were going for the southern keep. Yes! I thought.

We made it to the keep and got past the first wall. We were there battling the NPCs for two minutes or so before someone spoke up. Order was moving to such and such a place and we had to go claim this other objective. It was right around then that I died to a handful of make-up wearing, high elf, Seerish, girly-men. Meh, I thought, and ran back. Outside the keep, a force of about 20 Order were waiting, preventing me from joining up again.

I tried to run. I tried to hide. But sweet sassy molassy… I died.

Thankfully, when I came back my warband group was coming out to head to the next objective. I got back in tow and followed along.

This type of experience reminds me so much of a board game, it’s not even funny. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not quite what I expected from all the PR and  beta reports either.

It strikes me as reminiscent of “Risk”. As the players, we are the pieces moving from point to point on the board trying to conquer the world. Order moves onto square X2? Fine! We’ll counter that by moving over to Y6! They’ve gone to the keep? Dandy! We’ll use this opportunity to take by X2 and Y4! Hell, maybe we’ll really stick it to them and roll some die in that PQ!

Like I said, it’s not necessarily bad but it also doesn’t always encourage RvR. I’ll be honest, all the way up until release, I thought WAR would be the game that encouraged you to be in constant battle and strife. Except, in every oRvR battle I’ve been part of in T3, 80% of the time is spent either a) running from point to point, ignoring the stray Order players; or, b) waiting for the objective to flip.

I see the purpose behind this design. It’s strategic and that’s a great thing for the people leading the warbands. You’re not just rushing from flag to flag, like the Arathi battleground in WoW. WAR requires more thought and teamwork to do well.

Put simply though, all the time out of battle is boring. Running is necessary, but what about the wait time while a battlefield objective switches over? Again, I see the purpose but the design strikes me as inherently flawed. People don’t like to sit around staring at their hands. Time spent doing nothing is time spent in a visual chat room. This is just my opinion but I hope that sometime they come up with a better system for this. Combined with the “your team moves here, my team moves here, and sometimes we’ll all be at one place” playstyle, there’s a good chunk of time where you’re not RvRing.

Now, with all of that our there, when everyone does meet for those big clashes, it can be a hell of a lot of fun. Truth be told, it can be as epic as anything currently in MMO gaming could possibly be. There’s nothing like a 100 person organized battle. The “war mind” kicks in and you’re fighting through the masses for your ultimate objective.

If Mythic could do something to make this kind of thing happen more often, I think it would be a very good thing. It’s not enough to simply get people into the oRvR lakes, they have to get people to actually clash more often with less downtime in between. Like I’ve always said, there’s a ton of potential here. Hopefully, it’ll get realized.