Hey Everyone,

I cancelled my WAR subscription a little while ago but I noticed today that I still had some time left before they disable my access. I logged in this morning but found, unsurprisingly, that nothing was happening at that hour (about 2PM EST).  Actually, I wound up sitting in a scenario queue for about 20 minutes while grinding through some quests.

Unfortunately enough, I had made the mistake of queuing “for all” and my most hated scenario Tor Anroc popped up.

I’m not counting this “meh” experience against the game at all, however. Like I’ve said, it all has to do with my playtime.

So, I’m considering re-subscribing so that I can play in the evenings. During the day, I’ll content myself with Vanguard, LotRO, or WoW and when I’m able to play in the evenings, I’ll take up arms in WAR.

I’m interested in finding out about the state of oRvR however. During peak times, how is it? They’ve made a lot of changes over the past couple of months. I’m hoping everything’s stepped up a bit.