Level 72 - may as well be 80

I love Atlasloot. The coder who created it should be showered in purples falling from the sky. Well, maybe not “falling” more like floating down. That epic axe might hurt just a little.

I love being able to see what my character could look like fully geared. It’s a nice feature. Oftentimes, I’ll search through the dungeons that offer nice upgrades and plan future runs. Being able to see the rewards far in advance acts as a good incentive for me.

So, as soon as I got into Northrend I started checking out the new gear. Do you know what I found? A lot of the same.

No, I don’t mean gear that’s similar in stats, I mean gear that looks the same. I find it a little disturbing that at level 72 my character will look essentially the same after fully gearing through heroics at 80.

It’s disappointing. From 70-pre-raiding 80, the majority of dungeon gear is simply reskins. Where’s the variation?

Blizzard has been homogonizing the stats on gear for a while now but the look? Come on. That just strikes me as lazy or not well thought out. People want to individualize. They want to be unique. Right now, the only difference between my cloak, shoulders, gloves, and boots and what I’ll get from 5-mans is a numerical increase in the tooltip.

Now, I’m a caster so I’ve been looking at that the most. I have to say though, melee gear (especially that of warriors) tends to look just badass. Giant spikes, shadowed faces, the works. It’s nice to see but, again, this type of loot is available right off the boat.

I think what it all comes down to is the incentive to raid. Before you enter into Naxxramas, you’re destined to be brown. Yes, that’s right. Boring, bland, dirt brown. However, once you get into Naxx the gear comes to life. There’s more color, more variation in design, and just a lot more “pizazz” in the models.

So is this the new incentive system? “If you want to be unique, raid.” But then, if that’s the case, you won’t really be unique at all. As the masses clamor to beat the content everyone will homogonize yet again until more people progress onward.

I realize WoW’s never been a game that favored a lot of individuality in looks. But still, one brown mage is not the other, and yet that’s how we’ll all feel. For all the good that’s Wrath of the Lich King, this is distinctly suck.