It was a trait of the game that was heavily lauded before launch. WAR was going to be the game that removed the tedium of grinding and got you playing what you wanted to play quicker. It sounded great, but there was an unintended consequence.

It removed the MMO “feel” of the game.

It’s no secret that players all over the internet have been feeling “detached” from the game. Usually when you hear this, the commenter is unable to tell us what makes them feel that way but that, simply, they do.

I believe that this happened because of the streamlining put in the game.

I mean, let’s consider how we perceive MMOs as a genre. They’re centralized around progression. In WAR, progression lies in three domains: gear, tier, and renown level.

Now wait, aren’t I forgetting crafting? No. Crafting is of so little importance to the game that it has only a minimal impact on anything a character may want to do. Add to that that progression here is so heavily slanted toward certain skills (*cough* cultivation *cough*) that its relevance is diminished to the point of irrelevancy.

In as much as we perceive MMOs as being centralized around progression, we also see them as being time sinks. No matter your level of play, casual or hardcore, the essence of an MMO is in the never ending stream of things to do.

By removing all the grind (save RvR) from the game, they’ve removed a large part of what would make the game fall into their chosen genre. All avenues of play direct the player towards RvR. The concept of “choice” is simply a mask. This is why people feel like WAR is more of a game than a world.

It’s also the reason why many people don’t miss logging into WAR when they’re not able to. Basing the game around RvR without care for every other possible domain makes it one sided. With a one sided appeal. And if, say, players want something other than RvR for months on end, WAR fails them. It’s the trap of a niche game.

I’m disappointed, to be honest. The game has a ton of potential. It was just delivered in a different package than most of us expected.