It’s a common sentiment, isn’t it? I mean, the disparity between raiders and casuals is pretty epic in comparison to other “lines in the sand”. The question is though, are we really so different?


This isn’t a WoW topic. Or a WAR or LotRO topic, either. It’s a conversation born of all MMOs with a PvE endgame, even if it’s small.


You see, the two parties tend to not understand each other. Or, in some cases, are even envious of each other, though most would be loathe to admit it.


Raiders? Well, they’re just basement dwellers with no life.


Casuals? They’re lazy and want welfare epics.


Neither is true of everyone that falls into either category. The simple fact is that different people have different obligations in life.


I was struck by the recent olive branch extended by an author of the Ensidia guild website. For those who don’t know, this guild is the brainchild of Nihilum and SK Gaming, two of the most well known raiding guilds in the game.


The author, while lamenting the difficulty level of the new raid content, draws a distinction between the casual player and the bad player. He’s in support of helping casuals to experience the content and the lore but against allowing players of low skill levels to conquer it.


In the grand scheme of things, I agree. As a casual player, I never expected to see any of the upper echelon of raiding, but if I was able to I’d take advantage of the shot. The thing is, I wouldn’t expect to be coddled through it because of my time limitations. Raids are supposed to be hard, so the players earn the level of gear they’re trying to attain.  If you can’t cut the mustard, then stay away from the jar.


Now, a lot of people find this sentiment to be somewhat elitist. I don’t understand that. For once, a well known group of raiders are making a clear delineation between the time limited and the greedy.


Separating time from skill isn’t a good way to go about designing raid encounters. As I see it, the truth is that if everyone could get the best gear it would wind up worthless. There has to be some limitation in order for gear rewards to maintain their value. There are only three domains in which limitation in place with the current setup: time, difficulty, and organization. All three have been substantially reduced. Time and organization open doors, reducing difficulty is liable to tear down the fence.


To make a long story short, I think this guy’s on the right track. He’s identified the subgroup in the casual player base and acknowledged the majority in a positive way. One day, maybe the divisions in the player base will fade.