I commented a little bit in the past about the difficulty level of Wrath of the Lich King. I mean, it’s the bees knees for casuals, right? Since I’m one myself, I can tell you that I’m enthused about the new options available to me.


The fact of the matter though is people are flying through the content. We had server first 80’s within a few days of release. Within two weeks, all of the PvE content in the game had been beaten. I know, I know… Naxxramas was in Vanilla WoW. They knew the strategies, and maybe that counts for something, but even a brief review of the changes this expansion brought will reveal that much of the time to reward ratio has been reduced. Similarly, difficulty to reward has also been reduced.


This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but as Syp has noted, it does mean that people will expend the content much quicker than we’ve seen in the past.


And that’s a good thing for Mythic. The quicker players get burnt out on WoW, the quicker they’ll start looking at other games to spark their interest. Right now, even with all of its flaws and the negative comments floating around, WAR is still in the “runner-up” position for MMO publicity.


So, when the hardcore crew beats all that the game has to offer and are stuck waiting (which they will be – they’re waiting now) for content patches, there’s a good chance they’ll look in WAR’s direction.


That makes this, right now, a pivotally important time for WAR. Mythic needs to fix the issues that plague the game, improve performance, and make sure they’re ready to accept back players both new and old with content polished to a glare. And that includes PvE, despite the game’s RvR focus. If they don’t deliver, those that come back are liable to write the game off as a lot cause.


Even some of the most critical WAR commentators will consent that the game has a lot of potential. When the game was in development, we got hyped for a reason. It wasn’t because of Paul Barnett’s exuberance. It wasn’t because of a few video blogs. It was because the concepts we were hearing evidenced a new direction for MMO gaming. They sung of great, fun, things to come. It’s now up to Mythic to provide an experience worth returning for. They’re on the right track but the next waystation is fast approaching and there’s a lot of coal left to burn.


… Okay, maybe Barnett had a weeeeeency bit of influence 😉