I’m taking a break from WAR.


Not because of anything that’s happened or that’s going to happen. I’m taking a break because, to be honest, I’m not really feeling any draw to log in. I’ve mentioned the other day that I missed playing. It’s a funny thing but when I got to play, I satisfied that urge and it’s wholly disappeared for the time being.


I anticipate my break lasting until I pull my best friend into the mix. At the current time, I’m not sure when that will be. It was supposed to be next week but, unfortunately, a young lady decided it was a good idea to turn into his car instead of the driving lane when coming off a stop light. I haven’t talked to him about it but I can only figure that will delay his joining up with WAR until his wallet is back to normal.


We’ll see though.


Being able to game with friends is a big part of what got me into MMOs in the first place. There’s a high probability that when I come back, I’ll be there as long as my friends are. What of my guild, you ask? Well, I love spending time with them. They’re good to talk to in guild chat but, a lot of times, the people I know the best aren’t talking in guild chat in lieu of battling. Vent? Well, that worked for a while. Until a very vocal young man, who’s always on Vent, got under my skin.


There’s something obnoxious about a kid who sounds like he’s 15 complaining about his parents only then to follow with a diatribe about how his team mates (who were in part his guildies) are a bunch of “noobs”. As an immature teenager, you are by definition a noob at life. Literally. I should note that I have no problem with mature younger players. It’s not an age thing so much as “can your head even fit through the door?” thing. Humility, FTW.


Anyways, in the meantime, I plan on returning to WoW to try out the WotLK. I know, utter heresy! The truth of the matter is that, as I’ve always said, I had a lot of fun with WoW. On top of that, a lot of my friends and family still play. If there’s one thing I’m grateful to WoW for, it’s that it’s allowed me to keep in contact with old friends or, in one case, reconnect with a family member. At the current time, I’m helping him level through Hellfire Peninsula with my baby mage, Malgos (Cenarius – US). Like many have said though, it’s quite likely that I’ll get bored with WoW all over again.


So what does that mean for the blog? I’ll still be talking about Warhammer, for sure. That’s the reason why I started this blog and I wouldn’t feel right leaving it totally behind. You can expect to see more posts not related to WAR though. There’ll be some about WoW. There’ll be some not related to either. What I want for this blog is the freedom to share my thoughts on gaming and hopefully hear some of your own. Nothing more, nothing less.


And the banner? Well, we’ll see what happens.


Of course, I anticipate that this change will mean losing some readership – but not that much. Over the past few weeks, posting hasn’t been that stellar and readership has maintained. FoW was never a news source anyways, so the people that come here visit for opinion. That will be something that never changes.


And, as for Hammer of War Online (my side project), for the time being I’ll still be writing for them. Now, I may have to work out something but my posts over there will be informed. I’m not one to write to fulfill a quota. That may mean focused playing, limited playing, or changing scope. There’s a definite difference between a weekly column and daily articles. I like what I’m doing there though, so I plan on keeping up with it.


So, that’s that. Sincerely, I appreciate everyone’s support for the blog. It’s a fun hobby and a big part of that comes from the readers. Keep an eye on us, we’ll be bringing you more interesting content in the foreseeable future.