Well, we stayed up long into the night tweaking everything but we’re finally at a final product! The site looks quite different from before but I thought it was time for a change… and change we have! Let me know what you think.

Now, you’ll probably notice that the banner has the “and Greater MMO Blog” tagline. Fear not! For the time being, our focus will still be Warhammer Online! I decided to add that in there to open the door for future gaming exploits. I don’t want to have to give this blog up if after a year I’m not playing WAR anymore. Likewise, if there’s something else out there on the gaming front that I have an opinion on or would like to share with you, that little tagline allows me to do so. So, don’t expect any big changes. It’s just a bit of forward thinking.

Apart from the tagline and looks, we’re playing the same old game (no pun intended).

I have to say, implementing these changes has me pretty enthusiastic about this blog. Let me tell you though, the default templates available through WordPress free are pretty limited. I had to come up with about 6 different sizes of the banner up top to test out how things look, etc. If I decide to change things up again in the future, I’ll probably be shelling out the dough for the ability to edit the CSS.

Anyways, what do you think? (Feel free to refrain from voting if you’re cool with it or indifferent)