Welcome back to WAR, folks.


I’m sure you’ve all noticed that there has been a lack of updates this past week. The simple explanation for this is there hasn’t been much happening in my WAR life to talk about. The more complex answer is I’ve found the best time to write is on the weekends while I work. Call centers have their perks! The lack of content is sad though, I know.


And I mean that. I like to write for this blog. I’m an English major after all, so writing is a big part of how I express myself.


Something new did happen though. I rolled an alt. As you know, I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on WAR lately. I tried to put off alt rolling until a good friend of mine makes his way to WAR but I decided that I couldn’t wait. Now is the time, lest WAR become a Tuesday diversion after Wrath drops next week. So, I rolled a Black Orc.


I’ve never been a big fan of tanking. I tried it in WoW, for quite a while actually, but I never really enjoyed the stress that came with the job. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably wasn’t very good at it. But, WAR has changed the formula of tanking a little bit and for the better.


In the past, I really enjoyed watching massive Orcs rush into the thick of battle and terrorize everyone that stood in their way. I was impressed at how they stood up to damage and loved the taunt mechanics they used.


So, when faced with the decision on what class to roll, I chose the ever iconic Greenskin. Waaagh baby, waaagh.


It’s been fun so far. In beta, my first character was a Squig Herder and I really enjoyed the Greenskin T1 zone. The artwork is a little more cartoony but somehow endearing. After running through the zone, I found myself looking at the brutal, murderously violent, Greenskins more like the Tazmanian Devil. They’re ferocious but also a little goofy. Despite their scarred, wrinkled, faces there’s still something about them that makes you want to give them a hug. Or punt them, in the case of goblins.


I have to admit that I’m carrying a certain sense of guilt though. When my friend comes along, will Raegn the Orc become a notch in my sharpening belt while he languishes on the character select screen? Will he succumb to the quick death of the “Delete” function? Or will he remain a main character while my friend struggles to catch up? Most likely, he will sit on the select screen, tears rolling down his scarred face, only to be spun to the point of dizziness until I decide to log in a new character.


For the time being though, my Black Orc will be crushing snotlings while my sorcerer sits in Avelorn where he’s remained for some time. I’ll be providing updates on Raegn’s rompings as they occur.