In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be writing this article. I write it out of frustration. Not with the game but with some players.

If you’ve gone through several tiers worth of scenarios, then you know as well as any that some maps are slanted towards one faction. I play Destruction, so the most obvious one to pick on is Tor Anroc. By the time players enter that scenario, Order has far more knock backs than Destruction. In a zone where you can die in lava pits, being able to push your fellow players into them is a huge advantage.

But am I bothered by the fact that Order gets knockbacks? No, not at all. It’s not about that, it’s about when they get them compared to when the scenario is available. It’s about how many Order classes get them so early compared to their Destruction counterparts. There’s a reason why Tor Anroc is the most popular tier 3 scenario to pop. It’s because Order will queue for that scenario more than any other because they know it’s a likely win. They know it’s “farmable” for renown and experience.

For this reason, TA should be a T4 scenario.

I don’t blame Order for taking advantage. I’d probably do the same thing too and I think that most players would also. Why wouldn’t they? Quick advancement is enticing, especially in an MMO. My problem lies with the people who defend such combat bias.

I’ve heard Order players denigrate Destruction because of our disdain for the scenario. QQ Moar, was an exact phrase I read. /rant First of all, learn to f*cking type. Why people think portraying themselves as a retard when also attempting to be condescending is a good idea is beyond me. Hey buddy, you’re the prime example of why school should come before video games. There’s lingo and then there’s stupidity. I hated it about WoW and I suppose now I hate it about the whole damn genre. /rant.

Anyways, as much as I don’t blame people for taking advantage of the tools in front of them, there’s a simple fact about the whole thing: when you win, it usually has nothing to do with skill. It does have everything to do with the easy button you were given. So, don’t try to be condescending. Don’t try to make it out like it’s anything else because, if it is, you’re the one group out of the last 20 who didn’t use chained knockbacks. Sometimes you take heat for the words and actions of your faction.

Would Destruction players be any different? No. But it calls into light the prime reason why scenarios should never be slanted: it causes derision and it’s discouraging for the disadvantaged team who may be equal in skill. WAR was touted to be the game where combat was all about skill. Slanted scenarios

are not in keeping with this.

Some of the best experiences I’ve had in battle have been when the games were close and were ultimately decided based upon the content of the battles. It’s war, right?

One of the arguments I’ve heard about this is in keeping with that last question. Some players vehemently defend slanted scenarios (they’re on the winning side) because “in war, you’re not always going to have equal terrain”. This isn’t WWII folks. There are some things that should match up with the essence of real war (such as the combat skill of the combatants) and others that need to be scaled down for an enjoyable experience. If you want 100% true-to-life experiences, then you should have to reroll every time you die. But you don’t want that. Because it’s just a game and a game should be fun, not frustrating… right?

There’s another unintended consequence of scenario slanting. The losing side gets forced into playing that one scenario or else they’re stuck waiting. When the advantaged side queues predominantly for the slanted battleground, it makes that scenario the first, and most frequent, one to pop for the other side. It makes all other scenarios few and far between. What that means, is that if Destruction (in this case), isn’t able to get into ORvR or isn’t in the mood for PvE, or is even just short on time, than they’re stuck. Not having fun. In that case, the player may be just as likely to log out and I’d bet Mythic doesn’t want that.

So no, scenario slanting should never occur. It’s bad for the players and bad for the game. Sure, the winning team may be having a ball, but does it help them build their skill set? Does it help them strategize? Learn? Grow? No.

Tor Anroc is the focus of this article because it’s what I’ve experienced, but if you know of others, please share. It’s about equity, right?

Based upon some previous posts I had up lately, I should note that I don’t think this kind of thing was intended by the development team. Hence, I’d imagine this is a temporary problem that will be fixed in future patches.