Mythic, I beweeve in yo’ powah to perceeve. Translation: We’re still early in the game. Don’t forget.

Wrath of the Lich looms on the horizon, my friends! And that means it’s time for Mythic to begin (continue?) packing us away like a squirrel’s nuts. And by that, of course, I mean digging their hook into us so deep that that no one will be able to escape to Northrend. Except, we won’t be swinging from any chains in the highborn towers of Hag Graef, no, we’ll be digging our hooks into the backs of other players!

Let’s face the facts, if players jump ship for the WoW expansion, it’ll be months before they’re back (presumably). That’s a good amount of time when it comes to profits. Mark’s acknowledged that some players will leave but soon return return when they’re bored again; however, there’s also the caveat that some players will leave and not come back as they get tied into the raiding treadmill again. It’s the nature of MMO launches for subscription numbers to begin with a wax and slide into a wane until an eventual levelling off. The important part of this, however, is that the levelling off point isn’t lower than the what will be profitable and also conducive to good RvR.

The last thing we want to see is server merges, right? Not too good for prospective players perceptions, so let’s get this ship in order!

The biggest thing Mythic needs to do is to nullify the population imbalance and then to publicize the heck out of it. They’re working at this right now, sure, but it’s not good enough. They have about three weeks to fix it and get the word out. I’d like to see something big happen, as this is probably the biggest issue facing the game right now and word is starting to spread about the game being “imba” and that there’s no endgame because the players “beat the game” after only a few weeks. We know the inaccuracies of these statements but it’s up to Mythic to make sure the world knows it.

Second, let’s see some flair in your PvE. Right now, it’s standard PvE fair with all the different quest types and even the nice PQ system. Despite that, RvR is still looked at like the most efficient way of levelling. In itself, I don’t mind that at all; however, the PQ system is falling to the wayside. I’ve romped through three tiers of content and after the beginning of tier 2, I haven’t seen a single PQ get to the final stage. That’s a real shame and suprising to boot.

Is it just my server? Maybe the fact that I’m not in the final tier of play yet? Perhaps, but the fact is that most people aren’t in the final tier yet. Maybe it is just my server. They’re haters. PQ haters. Word.

And dungeons too. So far, I’ve heard few calls go out over guild chat to do a dungeon run. I’ve heard none in regional chat.

Part of the reason may be that players have no way to organize instance runs. Open parties are limited by your zone, therefore greatly diminishing any utility for setting up an instance run. I’m disappointed that Mythic, after all the effort they’ve put into their dungeons, isn’t stepping up to encourage their use. We need a LFG system in conjuntion with open parties.

Following that, let’s see the world brought to life a little bit more. I don’t know about any of you but I’ve come to see the WAR world as being pretty… flat. The lack of emotes, interactable objects, and “fluff”, as Mark Jacobs derrogatorilly dubs it, does not help WAR have the “world” feeling. People have complained about a feeling of detachment with WAR not experienced in other MMOs. I’d argue that the lack of “fluff” and other small, fun things are a decent part of this. The little things make up the whole. The other portion of this issue may stem from the mindset of Paul Barnett – but I’ll get there below.

To either MBJ or GW, whoever is stuck on the idea that fluff has no place in their game, I would simply say to get off your high horse. People have fun in more ways than some preconceived notion. Is it make or break for a player’s decision to play the game? I hope not. It’s certainly not for me but I’d like to think that Mythic and GW want all kinds of players and their gaming styles to enjoy their game. That includes the fluff-ites (a condition of which, I am mildly afflicted).

Paul Barnett has said that he’s more interested in creating a game than a world but Mark has said that fluff has no place in the Warhammer world. We’re consistently told that we’re in the Warhammer universe. Riiiight. I don’t get it but, hey, it’s your game. On a related note, players expect an MMORPG to have a world-like feeling. I tend to think WAR has this but many people don’t. Why design an mmoRPG if you’re not going to try to make a mini-world to roleplay and game in? And no, I don’t mean RP as in “I shalt avenge my honour!” I mean RP as in your character being a part of a larger world. Thankfully, by bringing a little more depth into this area of play this problem can be easily solved. Interactable environments = win.

Finally, please fix crafting. It’s in an abysmal state. Drop rates are horribly slanted and the rewards for levelling your crafting skill are mediocre at best. Why bother buying potions when they drop from every other mob? Why bother levelling talisman making when the grind to reward ration is so small? It seems to me that crafting in WAR started out as a grand idea that fell short of it’s goal and is now languishing. Think back to the Simpsons, my friends. Remember when Homer tried to jump the Springfield gorge? Let me refresh your memory:

Homer: I’m gonna make it! I’m gonna make it! I’m king of the world! I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…. Doh! Doh! Doh!

The majority of these things haven’t been the standard “this mechanic is borked like a spring chicken” type of points. You’ve read about those on a lot of other blogs I’d imagine, so I don’t see a need to rehash them all here. The fact of the matter is that Mythic’s ability to stand up against the biggest competitor’s high point on the market will determine the level of success it will achieve within the next year. WAR is a great game but it’s go-time now. Let’s see the big guns come out. Wow us (no pun intended) and make us not even want to pick up the ooey, gooey, icy blue box with the pissed off guy in the helmet. That freaking guy is threatening us Mythic. If we get too close he might kick our asses if we don’t buy the game. So, please, shock and awe MBJ, Josh Drescher, Paul Barnett and the like. Shock and awe.