Edit: I removed the lyrics at the beginning of this post. They didn’t add anything despite the beauty of the song of which they are a part.

You know, it’s a funny thing; sometimes you have to lose something before you know how much it really means to you. It’s like that for me and a lot of big things in life right now. Unfortunately, as a result, I’ve had some extra time to play the game. At this point though, I’d never look back if some of those big things could be fixed. But you’ve gotta have some kind of escape, right?

So, I sunk in the game. Not to the detriment of anything else, no, actually disappearing for a while was probably the best thing I could do. You know what’s the real nifty thing though? I could find any solace in it at all. Nothing. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had less fun playing a game and it wasn’t at all related to Warhammer.

Which is a shame, because I did some things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Yesterday, at about 1pm, the destructoids over on Pheonix Throne decided to go for a keep take down in Avelorn.

Let me tell you, it was epic. Or at least as epic a battle as I’ve ever taken part in. When it first went down, I was in a scenario group with some ASC friends of mine. Thanks to the new chat system, I could hear the frequent calls of the leader of a small warband, crying out for assistance; shouting where additional forces were needed.

When I got out of the instance, I beckoned my guildmates to join the battle, which they readily did. They’re a violent bunch, they are. Anyways, it started off well. We had two mostly full warbands on our side and what appeared to be a disorganized lot of less than 20 trying to stop us. We destroyed them, utterly and completely, right away and began assaulting the door. It took longer than I expected for it to go down but we eventually broke through.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

In the mad rush to get into the inner open area before the fortress, we turtled ourselves. I spent probably 20-30 seconds just trying to push through the first doors foyer as my guildmates cursed over voice chat. Then Order pinched us. Those who made their way through the door were met with stern opposition. Those stuck inside or waiting found themselves facing a full Order warband unleashing all of Hell upon them. So, we screamed and we shouted and made our way inside.

There was far less opposition inside than out, so we were able to take them. It seemed for a moment that even the forces outside had relented because, with nearly everything dead and we moving to the internal door, the storm had seemed to calm. It was not to be. In a rush, they blew through the door with a ferocity and fervor even Khaine would envy. Warrior after warrior died, myself being no exemption. When I ran back, I was able to make it inside again but, again, died in short order.

The second time I came back, I was met with members of my faction running away in disorder. I stopped for a moment, to see what type of oncoming force Order was bringing. It was massive. No less than 50 hostile players charged my way. Before I could escape, they had targeted me and snared me. Again, for the third time, I met my maker.

We reorganized our warband and was able to force them back to their fortress’s entry way but, again, they surged and we were pushed back.

It was a definite back and forth motion as our sides were fairly evenly matched.

It was the ebb and flow of a bloody sea.

Unfortunately, real life came back into play and I had to log off before the battle was seen through. I wish I could have seen how it ended as it was the most grand battle I’ve been at. We didn’t fight as well as we could have. We didn’t communicate that great either but, in the end, a war was had, long and gruesome.

And isn’t what this is all about?

I’ll touch on some of the other things I’ve done at another time. Hell, maybe I’ll even comment on some of the news that’s been flooding the ship decks lately.

Wish me luck, everyone. I’m praying that I myself don’t fall off the starboard bow.