Oh, that’s right. The Dark Elves ate their hearts. Mmmmmm, hobbit.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of articles lately. I’m hoping, like I’ve been, that I’ll have more time to write soon. I’ve been faced with a choice the past couple of times I’ve had free time: play WAR or write about WAR. Since playtime is directly related to the what I can write about, I’ve spent more time working my tendrils into the third tier of play.

A lot has happened lately. Altdorf fell again… almost. We’re up to patch 1.0.3 and all of the little goodies that small patches bring. And you know what? I’m going to run out of hats to eat soon because I’m still not seeing any sweeping class changes. I would imagine we’ll see that in a major patch to some degree but, then again, maybe I was used to the constant tweaking that happened in every patch of WoW.

I’m not going to touch on that today because, at this point, it’s already been covered. If you haven’t heard about the above yet, check out the good folks over on my blog roll. They have your back. Don’t worry, I won’t be silent on all of the big stuff that happens but I’m not a big fan of rehashing stuff that you’ve already read a dozen times already.

Besides, I have other things to ramble about! I mentioned up above that I’ve made my way into Tier 3 and, let me tell you, I couldn’t be more relieved. I was starting to get a little tired of Ellyrion. I’m in Avelorn now, a lush and beautiful forest zone. I’ve always had somewhat of a soft spot for zones filled with greenery, even the likes of STV in WoW. I have to say too, the dynamic lighting system really does wonders for the zone. The shadows the trees cast caught my eye right off the bat. I’m not too far in but I could see this becoming my new favorite zone.

And with Tier 3 comes new scenarios! Twice as many new scenarios, actually, which surprised me. So far I’ve been into Tor Anroc, Tabalec Dam, and Blackfire Pass, all of which I’ve enjoyed. I’ve also noticed that the dynamics of battle have changed a little bit as well. I’ve been hit with more knockbacks in the past two days than I’ve experienced in all of the playtime I’ve spent in previous tiers. It’s actually starting to annoy me a little bit but I’m not sure if the annoyance is legitimate or partly because I wish I had one at my rank. Unfortunately, a level 19 sorcerer isn’t gifted with the ability to send his enemies flying. In Tor Anroc, it’s especially bad because if you get blown back in the wrong place, you’re going to land squarely in lava. Not only that, you’re immobilized in the lava, so if you’re standing on orange, you’re dead. It’s a fun map, though, all the same.

Blackfire was also a lot of fun, although I felt that the players were a little too spread out. Blackfire is a scenario that lends itself more to players with mounts than those without, so keep that in mind when queuing up. I tried to keep up with my flee ability but it’s effect is so short and the map is so big that it’s only a moderate help. It makes for good incentive to get a mount though. One more level for your resident sorcerer. My guild was also kind enough to offer me whatever gold I need to buy it as soon as I’m able. I’m going to try to earn it all myself, of course, but it was an offer well appreciated anyways.

There’s been a few issues I’ve noticed though. Well, two issues and one small question mark. Since the last patch, my textures have been flashing from normal resolution to blurry a lot. It seems to happen when I’m alt-tabbing more than anything but I’ve gotten it while also zooming in and out too. Also, every time I zone in somewhere my guild heraldry disappears from my cloak. They’re both small things, to be sure, and ones I’m sure Mythic will have fixed sooner rather than later. Now, my pet peeve. Why, when I respawn in a scenario, do I always have to be facing the wrong way? It’s easy to turn around, sure, but in every new scenario so far, I’ve found myself coming out of the gate running, only to find out the battle is in the assward direction. Maybe they have a reason for this but it’s something that’s taken a little getting used to. Either that, or it’s always been like this and I’ve just been completely oblivious to it so far. Meh, either way it’s all good. It’s one of those things you only do once, anyhow.

I’ve also spotted my first pop culture reference! In Avelorn, there a Griffon Firecallers. You know, those Bright Wizardy type guys with a penchant for punk rock hair cuts? Yeah, so I’m sneaking around looking for their secret messages and out of no where I see one shout “Flame on!”. For a second, I thought he spotted me and I was about to defend my new robe. After all, it’s not my fault all I can wear are dresses, is it? Then it hit me like a bag of pink scarves: he’s saying the line from that “B” movie that came out a year ago! Haha, Mythic… you sneaky devils.

Yeah, so there you have my “Yesterday’s Exploits”! The world of WAR is ever changing so I look for the fun and humor in all I can and don’t let the small things bug me too much while I’m playing. And, in the realm of fun, WAR has the formula down pretty well. I was never a big PvP (RvR) person before this game but, here we are, and I’m RvRing my little gray (DE, you know) ass off and loving every minute. I hope you can say the same 🙂