Game servers went down this morning to implement our very first real content patch. We’ve seen a lot of hot fixes go in of late but this will mark our first big improvement. For your reading pleasure, I’ll be including the patch notes here with my commentary on some of the big things.

Before I do that though… *eats his hat* I made a prediction not long ago that we would see a good deal of changes in our first big patch. Based on the notes below, we’re not getting them yet. I still expect it, so the hat eating only account for my prediction on this particular patch. Time will tell.

Without further adieu, patch notes:


  • Players no longer need to scroll down through the EUALA when logging into the game. The window now defaults to the bottom, and players need only check the Agreement box and click accept.
  • The war against the gold sellers continues! We have made improvements to the Appeal system to allow players to report spam messages from gold sellers more quickly.
    • Good, thank you. We needed this.
  • TAB-targeting should now more consistently select the nearest enemy in the player’s field of view.
    • Ditto, the above. Tab targeting needs to work correctly in RvR. Even though it wasn’t the incredibly bad before, improvements are always welcome.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing players from adding new friends to their friend list even while the number of existing friends was below the list’s size limit.
    • I’ve heard members of my guild complain about this. Hurray for happy ASC members.
  • Fixed the issue that was causing players to sometimes get stuck in a particular animation state.
    • I’ve also encountered this. Usually, casting another spell would fix it. I’m wondering though, will this change fix bugs with spell effects lasting after they wear off? I’ve been hit by archers in the Shadowlands a couple of times and the rocks that burst up by my feet decided to follow me around for the next twenty minutes until I zoned into a scenario.
  • Monsters which change velocity while moving in combat should no longer return “Target is Out of Range” sometimes when attacked by players.
  • The /ignore command will now work more consistently.
    • Again, thank you. So far, I’ve only had to use this on gold spammers. I’ve banned six people. Three of them were able to spam me again. Same thing with the ol’ guild. We’ll have unimpeded evil now!
  • In response to player feedback, we have made improvements to player pet movement and behaviors.
  • The Pet window should no longer disappear when its master is zoning or entering the game.
    • Squig Herders of the world rejoice! The two items above lead some SH’s to feel that their class was broken. We’ll see if this fixes the big problems like it reads.
  • We made many UI fixes including a new “autoloot” feature requested by many players.
    • I’m glad for this. Now I can collect those 10,000 seeds I don’t need without clicking on each one. Seriously Mythic, why so many seeds and so few salvaging drops?
  • Guild cloaks will now display their heraldry properly.
    • If only my guild could have their heraldry displayed… only a level and a half to go!
  • We have made several improvements to the chat window, and it should now be more intuitive to use and set up. A number of chat window issues were resolved in the process. We are continuing to work on your requests about chat, with more improvements to come in the future.
    • I’m happy to hear this. I encountered a bug trying to resize the window where the gray sizing box wouldn’t go away. It also wouldn’t let me click on my action bar buttons and persisted even after I restarted the game. If any of you have gotten this, it can be easily fixed by deleting your interface folder.

The full patch notes and my color commentary can be found after the break!

Combats and Careers:


  • The debuff from “Hurts, Don’t It” will no longer stack with itself

White Lion

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to use the “Pounce” ability without an enemy target. The ability now requires an enemy target to jump towards.


  • We have identified a couple of serious bugs that trivialize the content in the Lost Vale dungeon. We have disabled the dungeon entrance while we investigate these issues. Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve your in game experience!

    • Okay, this is perhaps the one that stands out the most to me. This is a big thing to block out. It’s necessary but unfortunate. I hope it gets opened soon because more and more people will be hitting 40 over the next couple of weeks.

  • The Public Quest “Wagon Defense” will no longer get stuck because of objectives spawning in trees.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Wagon Defense” quest
  • The quest “Killing Time” should now allow players to gain credit when killing enemy characters in the Stone Troll Crossing scenario.
  • Lorcar Perrithan no longer offers the quest “Phoenix Gate”. Players can now obtain this quest from the Uthorin Warscout.
    • And the next step would be to make it able to be turned in at any warscout. I have scenario quests I’m for camps a long trek behind me now. Sadly, I’ll be abandoning these unless I find some compelling reason to make such a run.
  • The Gunbad instance lockouts will now be 30 minutes instead of 24 hours.
    • Lock outs! I must have missed this before. You see, to me this screams of raiding. On the other hand, I’ve also heard that the loot drops are of a lesser quality than other PQ gear. If that’s the case, I don’t see a need to lock it out at all. I hope that’s something they change in the future or else people won’t see much incentive to run these instances.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Erikwuf Wrathbound from offering the “Good Will” quest.
  • Some monsters have been identified that were dropping Destruction items for Order players. These monsters will now drop Order items for Order players.
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning of burning bushes in the “Rewards for the Faitfhful” quest.

General Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Player pets have learned to behave themselves. They should now listen to their masters and stay focused while in combat with monsters, rather than dancing erratically. In addition, they should follow obediently at their masters’ side rather than spinning around.
  • Again, Squig Herders should be happy.
  • Monsters that are rooted in place will no longer appear to chase you if you flee from them, even though they are still rooted.
    • THANK GOODNESS. I’ve encountered this bug so many times over the past couple of days. I’ll be running for dear life and the mobs, though displaying the appropriate “rooted” graphic are still running full bore after me. It’s lead to me popping pots since I’m expecting to be hit any second, only to see them teleport 30 yards backwards.
  • Continued improvements have been made to client stability and performance.
    • Another great one. After the last round of hotfixes, a lot of people were reporting FPS drops and more crashes than ever. I personally only got the FPS drop and, believe me, it hurt. I’ve been having to resort to putting my graphics on “fastest framerate” in scenarios when I used to be able to leave them on “high quality”. They don’t explicitly say they fixed this but there was a dev. response over at WHA not too long ago where they acknowledged it. Here’s hoping!
  • We have fixed an issue that was awarding an overly large experience bonus to players who killed many monsters in rapid succession (IE, several killing blows within a second or two of each other). This will largely only affect small groups that use AE abilities to kill off a very large number of monsters with a single ability activation.
    • Didn’t experience it, personally, but I hear sighs of disappointment echoing across the shadowy internets right now.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause roots to last longer than they should.
  • The delay between sending multiple mails has been reduced from 20 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Why was there a delay anyways? Oh, the things I’ll never know.

We’re in the home stretch now…

User Interface:

  • A feature has been added to User Settings which allows players to auto loot corpses by default. Players can enable this feature by selecting the “always auto loot” option, under the game play section. Please note that holding shift while looting with the option enabled will cause you to loot normally. When the option is disabled, shift-loot will still auto loot all.
  • Guild cloaks will now retain heraldry settings through zoning.
    • Again, didn’t see it, but good. It’d be awfully irritating to have to re-enable the “display guild heraldry” every time you enter or exit a scenario.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing players from adding new friends to their friend list even while below the list’s size limit.
  • Improvements to the behavior of TAB-targeting. This should now more accurately target the nearest enemy in the player’s field of view.
  • The /ignore command will now work more consistently.
  • The Pet window should no longer disappear when zoning or entering the game.
    • Man Squiggers, you should bake Mythic a Squig cake or something. Or snotling sausage. Mmmmm…. snotling.
  • In some cases, the chat window would reset to default position upon logout. This should no longer occur.
  • Resizing the chat window should no longer cause the chat window to reposition itself.
  • The text entry button is now colored to match the color of the channel the player is currently defaulting to for text entry.
  • Hitting enter no longer fades in the entire chat window, instead it just fades the text entry box.
  • Changing resolutions should no longer cause the chat tab labels to disappear.
  • If more chat tabs are created than the width of the chat window is able to display, then buttons allowing the player to scroll forward and backwards through the chat tabs will appear.
  • When resizing the chat window, players will now get a resizing cursor.
  • Left-clicking on the chat window now causes it to fade immediately.
  • When dragging a chat tab off of the chat window players will now get a “phantom chat tab” until they release the mouse button, instead of creating and dragging the new tab immediately.
  • When docking one chat window to another, an arrow indicator is now displayed on the chat tab listing which indicates where in the order of chat tabs the tab will now be placed.
  • When creating a new tab, the properties of the new tab are cloned from the original tab chosen. For example, using New Tab on the Combat tab menu creates a Combat(1) tab with all the same filters and font settings of the original Combat tab.
  • Players will no longer be able to use the /petname command unless they have a White Lion out.
  • New Cycle Enemy Target action added as a handier version of Target Next Enemy. This action is bound to Tab by default; existing characters will not have their keybindings changed, so if you would like to use this action instead of Target Next Enemy with your current character, you will need to change this keybind.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the health bar fade option to work incorrectly.
  • We have re-skinned the Guild Registrar interaction window.
    • Where’d you put the old skin? I’m all for flaying, but don’t be wasteful Mythic. I could use that to make a new banner for this site. Which I plan on doing, sometime.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the health bar fade option to work incorrectly.


  • Many parts of the UI have been modified to fit localized text properly.

– Quest Titles in the Quest Dialog window

– Zone Names in the Zone Loading screen

– The Title Bar in the Open Parties and Warband’s window

– Tactic Names in the Guild Tactics store window

– Zone Names in the Guild Roster tab of the Guild window

– Permission Text in the Admin tab of the Guild window

– Alliance Information in the Alliance tab of the Guild window

– Requirement (Blue) Ability Tooltip text

  • Fixed an issue with chat text in localized versions of the game.

And that’s it, folks! I didn’t have a lot to say about the UI changes, but what is there to say? I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t really do anything with classes too much. In my opinion, it probably means one of two things: either they’re really into how classes are balanced now or they’re waiting until they have a complete set of changes before they tweak anything. People take changes to their class seriously, so I’m leaning towards the latter.

Check back next time for PaTcH nOtE HELL. Or something else I haven’t thought of yet. Now where’s that fluffernutter?

Edit: I apologize for some of the formatting hiccups. For some reason, WordPress decided to not like IE.