The latest edition of Upon the Pyre is now up over at Hammer of War! We’ve changed things up a little bit, so now my column can be found every Monday. I’m cool with this change and I hope it allows more of you to stop by in your free time… or down (read: unsupervised) time at work. My blog and HoW get the most page hits during the week. I know what you’re up to! Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss as long as you don’t tell mine.

I’ve been scanning the reviews for WAR since launch. Some are very positive, some are negative, and quite a few are in between. One sticking point for a lot of reviewers is the PvE content. A lot of people don’t like that it’s not revolutionary; they don’t like “more of the same”. I just don’t understand these sentiments. Did we expect something more than what we got? Why? Help me out here, guys.

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