I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially joined the guild Anti-Sanctus Chaotica.


I was interviewed by their officers over the course of a couple days on their official forums. It was nothing too hardcore but more than what most other guilds put you through. I think that it’s a good thing though. Their interview processes makes sure that only truly interested members make it into their guild, that applicants will be a good fit in their playstyle and personality, and that no one is accepted in that would tarnish the good image that their guild has built up.


And it is a good image. I’ll admit, when I saw the quote from Hickman in their forum listing, I was impressed. When a developer cites your guild directly, you know you’re doing something right. Then, when I saw their site and read their lore, I was sold. They have a strong back story that I’d really encourage everyone to check out, even if you’re not interested in a new guild. It’s interesting reading and very much in keeping with Warhammer lore, so it makes for some good meta-gaming.


So, somehow I managed to get myself into a guild of skilled RvR’ers and RP’ers. I’ve been really impressed at the level of dedication the members have towards dominating the battlefield and I think I can add to what they have going on. I’ll keep you all posted on the big stuff we’re up to that’s shareable. Keep an eye on ASC, I think they may have some big things in store for Pheonix Throne’s RP-RVR.