… a few days. I hate to do it but I found out that the guild just wasn’t a good fit for me. In all honesty, they’re players were all great. The RP was wonderful. The issue, though, was that I tend to play during the daytime more than anything and that just happens to be when they have the fewest people on. Understandably so, since not everyone can be a college student. I’m cool with that.

So, I said my goodbyes last night and bid them adeu. I’m now applying to a guild that’s also RP RvR but looks to be much more active at all times of the day. They’re called Anti-Sanctus Chaotica. Anyone heard of them? Their site looks top notch and they have a great history, structure, and purpose. In all honesty, I was really impressed by their website.

Their recruitment process is a little more involved than a lot of other guilds. You have to fill out an application (of course) but it doesn’t ask you the standard questions. It doesn’t even ask why you want to join. Instead, it’s kind of a webquest around their website to learn their lore and what they’re about. Once that’s done and posted on their forums, the officers come ask you a bunch of questions that are never quite the same for every person. It really ensures that they’re only taking people who are really interested. I really like that. If they have so many members and they have such a recruitment process, it seems like it would be a quality guild.

I’ll refrain from linking to their site until I can speak to some of their members directly, but this one looks promising!