Well, it happened quicker than I thought it would. Gold farmers have hit WAR and hard. I kid you not, on Pheonix Throne today, I got three separate tells within a total of 90 minutes played. The worst part? It was the same guy two of the three times. Unfortunately, I was having troubles with my UI so I couldn’t report him but I hope someone does.

Isn’t it a little early in the game for these people to be hitting it so hard? I’m not the only person who’s been getting these tells, so obviously they have a lot of prospective gold ready to hand off to players. I have to say, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a quick and easy option to report these bastards. Instead, you have to go through the usual rigamarole of filing an appeal, waiting around for a response, and then speaking with a CSR. Does anyone know of an email address we could use to report these guys? Personally, I’d write down every one of their names and shoot out an email every play session if it was warranted. Hopefully, Mythic will work a little more ease into the reporting process – especially since it’s harder to spot these guys. They’re using normal names and not the usual random key mashes (i.e. wjhgjhg).

There is a silver lining here, though. Mark Jacobs has developed a CSR strike team to root these guys out and ban them. Apparantly, in just two days after launch (evening of 9/20) they’d already banned 400 gold sellers. On my server, they’ve also begun broadcasting messages to tell everyone when someone’s been banned. I think that’s a good move. It shows the community that Mythic is on it and allows them a sense of assurance that things will be taken care of. It’s active PR and it works.

I’m glad Mark is so adamantly against these jerks. They’re lowly and, even though they claim to not disrupt people’s games, they’re responsible for a lot of account hacks. The sad thing is, the actual people behind the keyboard’s are probably not that bad. They’re most likely just trying to get by and keep their job regardless of the moral implications of it. Does that make it right? No. Understandable? Eh… that’s a little more difficult. Personally, I couldn’t see myself doing a job I found morally reprehesible. Then again, I’ve never been starving, so I’ll reserve judgment on the workers and put it on their employers:

Start a real business and quit trying to drive the hard work of others into the ground. You claim  to not disrupt player’s game experience. Yet, you come onto my RP server and plug a website  repeatedly in an hour, forcing a response from me. How does that not break my sense of immersion?  How is that not disruptive? You justify your practices in the same way that petty thieves do.  It’s not so bad, is it? I mean, you have to get by. Then, you throw in the guilt trip about how  you’re  employing people in poverty and giving them a chance at a life. That’s BS too and you  know it. You work the people like slaves and pay them similar wages. You’re exploitative   scum. Get out of our games and our lives. Create a real business, not one that capitalizes on the  honorless, greedy, miniority of North America and Europe. Rats.

If you see one of these guys in game, report them whenever you can. We can help Mythic and, in the end, ourselves. Let’s hope we’re all successful.