Hi everyone! At Hammer of War today, my latest article will be released. This week’s focus is on strategies for RvR success. I’ve written up a few of the tips and tricks I’ve figured out to get an edge over your enemy. I’ll toss a short post up linking to it as soon as it’s available.


Writing the article has gotten my gears a-turning. Since we’re playing an RvR game, and a lot of tentative players will be new to WAR’s combat style, wouldn’t it be nice to create an RvR strategy guide for new players? We can take it to the next level too. I know a lot of you have some great RvR prowess and could give pointers to even advanced players. It could be a good resource to help build up the skills of our fellow combatants.


So, starting today, I’ll be accepting any and all tips that you may have. You can feel free to post your tips in the comments section or to email me directly at firesofwarblog@gmail.com. If you have another tip related to RvR but not explicitly about combat, please send that along too. My goal is to create something that will help players become well rounded, prepared, and skilled fighters. I’ll be making the final copy available for download here and, potentially, Hammer of War. As such, tips may be edited for length but I’m going to avoid this at all costs. Keep an eye out for the guide. When it’s done, I’ll toss it up on the side panel.


On an unrelated note, more screenshots will also be up soon.