Unlucky enough for me, I had to go and develop logon issues with WordPress during the most exciting time of Warhammer Online! It sucks, to be sure, but I’ve spent more time playing WAR than I would have otherwise. I’ve had a few exciting developments, too!


First and foremost, I found myself a guild! Their name is Last Requiem and they’re a heavy RPRVR guild. You don’t have to RP to be a member but it is encouraged and being respectful is mandatory. I came across these guys as I was running through the Tier One RvR zone in Chrace. Here I am getting beaten around by some High Elf and his healer buddy when a train of fellow Destruction players come up and blew them into the ground. Naturally, I joined their warband and ran around with them for a while. We had a good time. Since we hit it off so well, I petitioned for membership and was accepted in.


Last Requiem is pretty heavy RP but I don’t mind. For me, it adds to the immersion of the game. They seem like a friendly lot with reasonable expectations from their members, so if you’re interested, head over to their site and give it a look.


Second, I broke into Tier Two! I actually just finished up in tier one the day before yesterday at about 2:30am. I really liked the tier one content, especially the “Legend and Infamy” quest line. It gives you a good look into the mentality of the Dark Elves and has a very interesting progression. I haven’t really played around in Tier Two at all yet, since I was falling asleep at the wheel when I first zoned in. I intend to check it out tonight though!


I was really impressed with some of the PQs going through. There’s one in Chapter Three (I think) that has you going into the woods and killing High Elf Ambushers and disabling their traps. You have to watch out though, because hidden under the ground are some of their allies! They throw out smoke bombs and bombard you. The players have actually made these even more fun too. I’ve really enjoyed getting to interact with people so much.


The more I get into WAR, the more I realize what I was missing in WoW. The social interaction, the teamwork… I thought it was just instances that I enjoyed but it turns out that it’s more about working together with other people to overcome the game’s challenges. PQs and RvR are the perfect thing for a guy like me, I guess.


Speaking of RvR, I’m enjoying it a lot more than I had anticipated too! In WoW, I would drop into battlegrounds for the marks but I’ve found WAR’s battles to be much more exhilarating. Some people have knocked that the combat is slower but I actually like it. I think it brings more strategy into the game because you have to choose your skills and rotations better. Being good with burst damage helps but it’s not the end all be all of the fight. In short, you have to work harder to overcome the other player.


Using the terrain has become a favorite tactic of mine too. In Khaine’s Embrace, I’ll duck my Sorcerer (yes, he’s a guy… and looked like a chick for the first few levels) behind the wall by the Destruction-side objective and pop out just enough to blow some people up. If things get hairy, back behind I go to pump up my Dark Magic to increase my crit rate. Using line of sight and the terrain has brought more strategy into how I fight.


I can’t wait until I can hop on vent with my guildies and do some organized open-world RvR. Even when we organized just through guild chat we had a distinct advantage over our opposition. It rained High Elf blood that night, and it was sweet.


So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to. It’s sucked that I’ve been unable to login. I’ve looked around a little more and it looks like it might by my wireless router that’s causing the problem (???). From here on out, though, I should be back writing like usual. Since I’ve narrowed down the problem, I should have it fixed up by tomorrow night.


Stay tuned, folks!