Finally, the live game! Let me start right off by saying that Mythic hit it out of the park today. I was able to log right on with no queues, no lag, and no crashes at all. On top of that, the game ran very nicely. I was getting only very minimal hitching throughout my three hours of play today. I’ve heard that reported elsewhere too, so it looks like they did something. 

There was one downside to today, however, all the variations of my Dark Elf name were taken. No Malys, Malis, or Malice for me. Oh well.

My first character was a Dark Elf Sorcerer named Urial. I’d been through DE Chapter One a few times before, so I levelled up to rank 7 fairly quick. I have to say, with the graphics turned all the way up, the DE zone is really great to look at. There was a lot of detail in the zones I saw and the stylization Mythic went with really brings out the evil, dangerous, vibe that DE’s exude. Bravo. I also encourage people to read the quest text. You’ll get some standard kill quests but there are a few nicely written ones that give some great insight into Dark Elf culture. The Tome unlocks are also great for this.

I took part in three PQs. The first one involved killing a bunch of high elf tower guards and sun mages. That was an easy enough task. Sorcerers are really nice because the Dark Magic mechanic really lets you kick out some nice dps. You also get a detaunt and a skill to boost all of your resistances so you can periodically take quite a beating without taking too much of a hit to your wounds. Using these skills, I was able to contribute quite a bit without dying.

Things changed in the final stage. I’d never completed this PQ before, so when I saw the giant dragon come flying down I stood in awe for a moment. Once I caught my breath, I unloaded everything I had on the beast. Bad idea. It only took a few seconds for him to turn on me and rain fire upon my head. That wasn’t enough to kill me, though, so he stomped on me too. Thankfully, the run back to the PQ zone was short and I wound up winning a lesser loot bag for a nice green.

Once I’d completed Chapter One, I moved on to my next PQ in Chapter Two. Unsuprisingly, this one also involved me killing High Elves. Funny, you’d think Dark Elves and High Elves didn’t get along. Imagine that. Anyways, there was no dragon in this one. The final stage involved killing a group of HE nobles on horses. It was still very cool and I was able to max out my influence after four attempts. It was around this point that I started to wonder if Sorcerers were a bit OP. I was managing to take on three of the standard quest mobs without losing much health and ranked 6th, 3rd, 1st and 1st for contribution, in that order, going through. I’m not complaining though!

After that, I completed a couple of kill quests. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. I had gotten a quest to collect eight HE heads and then stick them up on pikes to be displayed. Unfortunately, I had to log off before I was able to pike the heads. Incentive to log on early tomorrow! When I collected the heads, I stumbled across the second PQ in DE chapter two. This one was quite reminiscent of the first greenskin PQ in that you kill tree sprites, dryads, and then a hero level tree monster. It was still fun though and (I must have been on a roll) I got another lesser loot bag! Mythic wasn’t kidding when they said they were upping the amount of bags being given out; out of 11 participants, four green bags and three white were distributed.

I also took part in a few runs of Khaine’s Embrace. Who should I spot while I’m in there? None other than a High Elf version of Arenwino! Needless to say, I had to try to kill him. Unfortunately, every time I tried, Cyclops the archmage zapped me with his laser eyes and stopped me from getting very far. One day, Arenwino! Vengeance shall be mine!

I’m also pleased to report that I saw several instances of RP! I encountered it two separate times and was actually randomly solicited once. Plus, I didn’t hear anyone complaining or berating the RP’rs. On top of that, there was only one non-RP appropriate name from what I saw!  I’ve also been keeping an eye on the forums and it looks like there are some great prospects for RP-RvR guilds.

I’ll write more in time. Tonight, long procrastinated school work calls.