Jeez, I wish I could be playing right now! Knowing that so many other people are enjoying WAR and I’m stuck waiting until tomorrow makes this day seem far too long. To pass the time, however, I’ve been scoping out some servers.

I’m proud to say that I’ve decided on Pheonix Throne (RP).

I was reminded to check out servers today by checking out Snafzg’s latest post. His guild decided to roll there after previously leaning towards an Open-RvR server. I figured that there must be something appealing about it to change everyone’s mind, so I checked it out. It looks promising! Like RP realms in all games, I imagine that it will be something you have to look for more than anything, but that’s okay with me. What I am noticing right off the bat though, is that a lot of people are coming there looking for a mature community. Hopefully, we’ll be able to create that kind of atmosphere and support both RP’rs and non-RP’rs alike.

Now, I think it’s important to disclose than Pheonix Throne is a CE head start server. There’s a lot of people on it and there are reports of people getting stuck in some pretty hefty queues Destruction side. Mythic is planning on opening more servers and raising the population caps for each realm by 1/3 tomorrow and launch day, so it probably won’t be a huge issue. From what I’ve read, queues are pretty much a fact of life for many of the available servers right now, so I guess it’s something we have to live with for a bit. I’m actually okay with it. I’ll be planning ahead and getting in the queue a little before I’m ready to play to cut down on the amount of time I’ll actually be waiting. Plus, as of now, I’d rather have a server that’s too full rather than too empty. I played on a server like that in WoW and hated it.

Right now, I’m looking through the guild listings on Warhammer Alliance. My current prospect is Grim Ascenion. They look like a dedicated bunch, judging by their site. I’m interested to know what their membership requirements are – I’m still waiting for my forum account to be activated. There’s a lot of good guilds in the works though, so I’ll be looking for a while yet before I make my decision.

My faction of my first character will depend on if there’s a queue for Destruction or not. Since reading the Malus Darkblade novels, I’ve really want to try my hand at a Dark Elf. If I’m queued there for an exceptionally long time, I’ll just switch over to Order and make a Bright Wizard.

Order Character Name: Malystrian

Destruction Character Name: Malys

“Raegn” is being saved for a greenskin 😉

See you in game!