It’s Sunday again, and that means another edition of Upon the Pyre over at Hammer of War Online! We’re covering a topic of hot debate this week, so give it a look!

Since Open-RvR servers were confirmed, there’s been a lot of debate over how the Chaos Chicken mechanic should be implemented. Some people felt it was fine but others were strongly against it and wanted it removed completely.

At first, Mythic kept it as was: if you travelled into a lower tier, you were immedietely turned into a chicken. End of story. After gauging the playerbase, however, they decided to make some changes. Unfortunately, they pretty much screwed up how RvR is going to work on these servers.

If you’re planning on rolling an an Open-RvR server, you should know what to expect.

Check it out and see how I think things will unfold.

I want to hear your opinion on this, so feel free to put your thoughts, frustrations, and suggestions in the comments section of the article!