Okay, so I need to kill three minutes. Why? Because I was killed of course. Three times… within 9 minutes. What does this equate to? A few things. I guess I must suck. Or maybe it’s that we’re way outnumbered. And everyone targets the little guy 😦 . Since I still have another two minutes and thirty seconds, let’s break it down. These three minutes out of game equate to the sum of three 10% wound’s deductions. All told, that’s about 350HP and a tad too much to venture back into battle quite yet.

Another two minutes.


I have to admit, I find this pretty annoying. Not the writing part, mind you. The having to sit around and do nothing for three minutes. I can kind of understand the reasoning behind taking people out of battle, but I have to wonder, is it a good design decision? After all, right now, I’m inclined to not play their game for a few minutes, right?

One minute to go.

*twiddles thumbs*

Maybe if I type really slow.











Back to battle!

Update: Apparantly my character dozed off during Witch Hunter orientation because I failed to spot the hidden Witch Elf right in front of my face. It’s okay though, because I got to light her on fire before I died. That’s what I call contributing in a meaningful way. Burn Heretic!

After my endeavors during Open Beta, I’ve made a couple decisions on my plans for launch. I’ll give my full disclosure tomorrow, along with my impressions of the Witch Hunter class.

Update #2: Yeah, so I guess I had some tunnel vision. Apparantly, you can talk to a healer NPC right next to where you die and get buy a cleansing to remove the death penalty. Thanks for the tip guys!