Got any cheese?

Got any cheese?

Well, Open Beta has come and gone and we now sit a mere two hours away from the first day of the Collector’s Edition head start. I’ve played quite a bit, since I was able to get my hands on the game. A lot of fun has been had and I now feel that I’m better equipped to make a few big decisions when I start on SE head start day.



I’ll be playing both factions


Mythic wasn’t lying when they said it was easier to level in WAR. This isn’t to imply that it’s too easy or too quick, but it is a step up from WoW and LotRO. Because of this design, I’m planning on rolling a character of both factions. They both have a lot to offer in terms of content and if I intend to play with all of my friends, it’s almost a necessity. My plan for this is to level both characters concurrently. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll go about doing this yet, but my general plan is to keep them at about the same level. This will also allow me to compare both sides of the game.


I’m definitely playing on an RP server


I was leaning this direction before but now it’s set in stone. There’s such a vast amount of lore in Warhammer that I think it’s a shame to not take advantage of an opportunity for more immersion. I won’t be roleplaying all the time, since that’s not my play style, but it’ll be nice to have the option. Choice. I likes it.


Plus, RP servers will presumably have naming policies. Sorry “leygolawlz”, we’ll (hopefully) be missing each other.


I suppose the biggest reason for this decision, though, is the recent changes to how open RvR servers work. My column over at Hammer of War Online today goes over all of this in depth, so, to make a long story short, I feel that the Open-RvR servers are broken. What I don’t touch on, a commenter on one of Snafzg’s posts sums up nicely:


I think that the loss of Bolster in Open RvR will really dimish the experience simply because of how dependant Open field RvR is on killing NPC’s for battlefield objectives and keeps.

You’ll no longer be able to participate in those activities right from Rank 1 as you will get 1 or 2 shot by the rank 10 and 11 NPC’s. This in itself will force people to only do scenarios and PvE until they are near the top of the Tier rank wise and can effectively contribute.

I mean even with bolster keep lords in T2 can drop tanks in a few seconds. This will encourage people to avoid this content at the bottem ranks of a tier and only participate when they are near the top or are in the next tier […]

[…] Once you start moving into higher tiers and the population spreads out it becomes difficult to find good Open field RvR action, from what I’ve seen of the transition to T2 in the preview weekend and Open Beta so far. No bolster will make this situation far far worse I would think.

Thanks Anon!

I’ll be playing ranged DPS to start


As you know, I spent Preview Weekend playing a Squig Herder on the Destruction side and a Bright Wizard, as well as a Witch Hunter, on the Order side. Because of my limited play time, my highest character was the Witch Hunter that I got up to the 8th rank through a good mix of PvE and RvR.


Now, I liked my Witch Hunter. They put out good damage and have a lot of fun abilities. My decision to not play one at launch is because I feel that, at least in lower levels, they’re at an inherent disadvantage in large RvR encounters. The reason for this is twofold. First, they’re melee dps so in order to do any reasonable amount of damage, you have to run right into the thick of things. Generally, this means running into a massive throng of the opposing faction, resulting in quick death, skirting the outside of the group for outsides, causing you to be targeted by most other classes and resulting in quick death, or trying to sneak up behind your opponents, generally resulting in quick death.


This isn’t to say that Witch Hunters don’t kill a lot. They do. They also help other people kill a lot. I can’t tell you how many fleeing enemies I’ve slowed down with my Snap Shot, resulting in their untimely demise. Likewise, they’re able to build up accusations quickly which lets you use high damage executions. These executions are great for finishing off enemies for your group. 


Second, ranged DPS tend to target the people who can’t hit them back. This, combined with poor survivability, puts melee dps at a distinct disadvantage. I don’t think this is a bad thing. In the scope of war, that means that ranged DPS are doing their job well. It could also be partially countered by stacking up a lot of toughness. It does make the role of melee dps that much harder and disheartening, however. To me, it seemed like this class archetype was the cannon fodder for the rest of the faction: you die quickly and you die a lot but at least you keep the other players busy so your friends can help kill them.


So, I’ve decided that I’ll be creating both a Bright Wizard and either a Sorcerer or a Squig Herder. All three classes are a lot of fun. I could see myself coming back to a Witch Hunter in time but, for launch, I’m going to be concerned about having the most fun I can right out of the gate. Ranged DPS seems like a good fit for me. I like how they contribute and I also like how they can be a lot sneakier than other class archetypes. For example, last night I was playing my WH facing off against a huge group of at least 15-25 Destruction players. They were grouped closely together and, from the middle of the bunch, arrows flew at me repeatedly from some unknown SH. I couldn’t see who it was to target and retaliate in the least and was forced to retreat back out of his range. At another time, I found myself being bombarded with dark magic from far above me. A sorcerer had been using the terrain to his advantage and sat on a huge outcropping of rock over my head. I couldn’t see him without moving my camera and in order to reach him, I had some running to do. This gives ranged dps another way in which to apply strategy.


I’ll be creating several twinks


A lot of the earlier scenarios are a lot of fun to play but become locked out once you out level them. Personally, I don’t think scenarios should be level restricted at all, but so it goes. So, I’m planning on twinking out a couple of alts to do these scenarios and also help in the tiers for their ranks. I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.


I’ll be creating my first character at about 1:30PM EST


Server: TBA


Just in case anyone would like to join me.




Those are the plans for now. We’ll see how everything turns out.


Do you have any plans for launch?