Hey Everyone,

Open Beta is almost at a close. I’ll have a few hours between today and tomorrow to play around a little bit. If there’s anything you’d like to know, post it post haste (hah, see what I did there?)! I’ll do my best to get around to checking it out for you.

Failing that, my fiance is working tonight so I’m hoping to be deep into Chapter 3.

Reader, Greg, commented a while back asking about Witch Hunters and how they play in Open Beta. Right now, I have to say that they’re a lot of fun. I’ve gotten a couple of skills that I use a lot. First, they have a nice backstab-eque attack that ignores all of your opponent’s armor if you hit them from behind. Shortly thereafter, you receive a conjoining skill that allows you to ignore the position requirement on positional attacks for 10 seconds, making you an armor ignoring, slice spamming, fiend.

I’m also really fond of how they work in RvR. The snare effect on the Snap Shot is really nice. Plus, you can fire it on the move to avoid taking too much damage yourself. I’ve used it countless times to slow down enemies so my brethren could waste them. It’s also a nice way to rack up those death blows in scenarios.

Damage wise, they’re quite adequate. I wouldn’t call them extraordinary but they definitely do their job. I can’t wait to play one in the higher levels. I haven’t looked into it yet, but it’d be nice if they got some kind of AoE attack or debuff. This is the one thing that really makes me wish I was playing a Bright Wizard.

As for survivability, you may not look like a squishy but you pretty much are one. They do better than some other classes but you’ll find that it’s easy to pull threat during PQs. If that happens, you have to lay off and hope someone else picks it up in enough time to keep you alive. I’ve ramped down my DPS a bit in some cases due to the group makeup.

That’s it for now! If there’s any other questions, feel free to post them below!