I’ve been able to play around with WAR quite a bit since the first Preview Weekend and, for the most part, have a lot of fun. I’m generally a casual and I’ve always been able to find something meaningful to do with my limited playtime. I like this.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know how I love my PQs. They encourage you to work with other players towards a common goal, overcome adversion, and give you good chance at a decent reward if you do your job well. I firmly believe that they’re an innovation that we’ll see in new MMOs in the future and that they very well may be one of the big reasons, outside of RvR, people sign up for WAR.

For all of the goodness that is Public Quests, they need improvement. I’ve done quite a few PQs since I’ve started, admittedly mostly in Tier One. On both sides of the fence, Destruction and Order, I found the final stages (and in many cases ALL of the stages) to be far to easy.

Now, I understand that Tier One content is in large part an introduction to what you’re going to experience for the rest of the game. Generally, they SHOULD be easy. What’s going on, though, is that there is little to no challenge. So many people are swarming the mobs that you’ll often have trouble finding a substantial amount of them to help kill. Perhaps the most marked observation, however, is that the bosses of the final stages tend to die within a minute or less.

I’ve come to think of Public Quests as dungeon-esque in that they take you from Point A to Point B, have set tasks, and end in a boss fight. Due to the large amount of participants, at least in this first tier, it’s about the same as if you brought 15 geared people into a WoW five man.

I think that Mythic should tweak these encounters a bit, at least while the influx of new players is so huge. There may be some people people who enjoy quick and easy battles and having loot fall into their hands, but I believe that most people enjoy a little challenge. I’d like to see these final stage bosses get more abilities and more HP, making them harder to take out.

As time goes on and the playerbase gets more spread out, they’ll be less people attempting these lower level PQs, pretty much fixing the problem. I’d also imagine that by Tier Two, we’ll be seeing more challenging encounters. But, since Mythic has tweaked other aspects of PvP and RvR to accomodate player expectations, why don’t they do the same here? Not every Tier One PQ boss should be a simple tank, spank, and burn down. They shouldn’t be over in less than a minute.

Let’s see some more challenge until we even out the player base.