We’re out on the battlefield and ready for action. *hums a little song* Oh look, a snotling. *THWACK* He’s dead! *cackles maniacally* Wait, what’s this? A green ring! Yes! Wait a minute; what the heck does +2 wounds do? Am I going to take more damage? And willpower? I have the will to kill but I just don’t know…


And so begins my own little guide to that different stat modifiers you’ll find on gear in Warhammer Online.  In WAR, you’re going to encounter item stats different than those you’ve found in games in the past. In order to be effective in battle, you’re going to need to get the right gear on your character. As a tank, should you we all know that you shouldn’t be wearing a lot of +int but what about willpower? Initiative? Head on over to Hammer of War Online and see.

Feel free to elaborate upon anything I’ve brought up in the comments either here or there.

See you on the battlefield!